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The Hottest Scenes from 'The White Lotus'

HBO Max's viral anthology series The White Lotus has become so popular that people even host weekly watch parties to enjoy its biting humor and salacious visuals. The show is a true event, helped by the many gorgeous actors who have done some pretty damn hot gay things here! Season one took us to Hawaii, where rising red-headed star Fred Hechinger showed his butt while sleeping in a kitchenette naked! He plays a teen reluctantly accompanying his family on a posh vacation. His dad, played by Steve Zahn, isn't having the best trip either. He thinks he has testicular cancer, and even has his wife check out his (prosthetic) cock and balls! Of course, you probably know by now that season one of The White Lotus was topped by the most famous ass-eating scene ever filmed. Real-life gay daddy Murray Bartlett plays a hotel manager that plies his young surfer hot employee, Lukas Gage, with booze and pills. He eventually gets to eat out Lukas Gage's ass, and we see both of them nude in the shocking gay scene!

For as hot as season one of The White Lotus was, season two, which takes us to a lux resort in Sicily, really doubled down on the show's inherent gayness. Leo Woodall plays a hustler who gets paid to have sex with a man who he claims to be his uncle. The man is played by Tom Hollander, and we see Leo thrust into Tom as Tom crouches on all fours on the edge of the bed! This is in addition to a scene in which Leo Woodall appears face down and ass up in bed. He even gives his fat jock ass a scratch. Look at that jiggle!

Will Sharpe plays one-half of an unhappy couple, and we can see his erection and even his pubes after he's caught masturbating to porn. Oh, ya, and there's Theo James. We should probably get to him. He went viral for his enlarged prosthetic, but that ass is all real baby. Adam DiMarco's character doesn't get with his initial vaca crush, but he does get with a Sicilian sex worker - and shows his butt in their sex scenes! Finally, The White Lotus season two simply wouldn't be The White Lotus season two without Stefano Gianino. He plays another sex worker, and we get to savor his uncut Italian cock as he has the pleasure of seducing Jennifer Coolidge! It's just another one of the many viral scenes that have made The White Lotus one of the best shows ever for gay sex and gratuitous male nudity. You'll have a white load-us!

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