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The Most Shocking 'Jackass' Nudity!

When you think of the hit series Jackass, male nudity might not immediately come to mind. But did you know that Johnny Knoxville and co.'s gross-out stunts include some of the most-watched nude scenes on Mr. Man? It's true! We've got all of the sexiest stunts from Jackass that feature some damn fine-looking naked guys! See buttholes, flopping penises, balls, and literally everything in between as they roll down a hill together fully naked! Just, wow! The camera gets up close and personal with Steve-O's penis and balls as he covers his privates in live bees. Oh honey! Wee Man struts across the room where a meeting is taking place. Chris Pontius will make you cringe as he squishes his penis between two pieces of Plexiglass. Ouch! Some other guys join in on this torturous challenge, and let's just say, it's a hard watch. See more of Steve-O than ever before as the camera gets super close to his butthole as he farts underwater. Hey, we know this scene is doing big things for a small percentage of the population! Ryan Dunn freezes his sac to an ice horse. And the man who started it all, Johnny Knoxville, fats baby powder onto his sleeping friend's face. You know you love it! Here's hoping for even more Jackass nude scenes in the future!

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