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Bearded Men


Rugged bearded men!

Mr. Man loves men with beards. There’s nothing like a handsome Hollywood hunk sporting a full and fuzzy beard, we even like the not so full ones too. We call these facial haired babes Bearded Charmers. If you have the same facial hair-filled fantasies as Mr. Man, then you’ll really dig this playlist full of bearded dudes baring skin. Skinjoy!

Looking like a sexy castaway, Macon Blair makes with a look at his butt as he jumps out the window in Blue Ruin. The comic books really come to life when the mutton chopped hunk Hugh Jackman flaunts his fine behind in X-Men: Days of Future Past. It’s a butt-tastic scene when Joe Manganiello bares butt as he transforms from a beast to a hunk in True Blood. Tom Hanks will turn you into Tom Yanks as he pubes out of his rags in Castaway. We get two for price of one when Joaquin Phoenix loses his shirt and rocks an amazing beard, and Anthony Langdon gives us a long and satisfying look at his limpness in I’m Still Here. Jeff Bridges will have your hand rubbing against your crotch when he flaunts his manly chest in Against All Odds. Sam Rockwell looks tired and hot in Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. Seth Rogan wows us with his moon in Zack and Miri Make a Porno. Three’s not a crowd, especially when it’s Brian Keane, Stephen Guarino, and Blake Evan Sherman taking a same-sex shower in BearCity. Charles Halford wears a towel like no other on an episode of True Detective. Josh Lucas is shirtless, doing some gun play in Wonderland. It’s a full frontal show from Zohar Shtrauss in Eyes Wide Shut. Billy Connolly sports the beard and his privates, but Gerard Butler and his cock and balls still the scene in Mrs Brown. Richard Hatch dances in his undies Jonah Blechman in Another Gay Movie. It might be fake, but Sacha Baron Cohen sports a pair of undies and a heck of a beard while snuggling with his gal in The Dictator.

Let’s hope these hunky actors never find a razor!

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