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Boyd Holbrook Sexy On Motorcycle
Birthday Suit Special: Boyd Holbrook

If you haven't yet heard of gorgeous hunk Boyd Holbrook, you will soon. the Kentucky-born stud has appeared in a string of high-profile projects since beginning his career in Milk (2008), but is just now becoming a household name with his staring role in Netflix original series Narcos. 

These Final Hours Nudity
Nude Dudes on Netflix: These Final Hours, Quills, and More

Cancel your weekend plans, because there are some Goode (we'll get to that later) movies on Nexflix that you need to be watching. While your friends may want you to hang out and chill, your privates will want to stay in and keep things warm with these three sexy flicks. Listen to your privates. They know best.  

Benjamin Brook in American Burger
The Best National Burger Day Nudity

Today is National Burger Day in the U.K. On this day the Brits celebrate the meaty goodness that is the art of the burger by reveling in unique recipes, special events, and free goodies.   We at Mr. Man believe it's not fair that our friends across the pond be the only ones indulging themselves. As a remedy for our jealousy, we've gathered up the best naked burger babes in movie history. Whether these nude hotties eat burgers, make burgers, or just appreciate meat stuffed between buns, they all have burgers on the brain.  

Chris Messina Digging for Fire Naked Penis
Movie Nudity Report: Chris Messina Naked in Digging for Fire

Chris shows us a whole Messina of himself while dropping his drawers before jumping into the pool in front of a lucky Anna Kendrick. Check more pics of this Italian stud in the buff. 

Alexander sexy true blood
Birthday Suit Special: Alexander Skarsgård

In case you didn't already have it marked on your calendars, today is the skintastic Alexander Skarsgård's birthday. The 39 year old beauty carved out a niche in Hollywood, a niche that lucky for us involves showing off his glorious body. Let's take a look at all the contributions that this great man has brought to the arts.