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The Mr. Man Top Ten Nude Scenes Of 2016 Are Here!

We here at Mr. Man have been keeping a close eye on all of the year's best nudity, and for the third year in a row have compiled our findings into a handy dandy Top Ten list! Now, give your dandy a handy with some of the year's highlights, and check out all of the scenes for FREE with a FREE MR. MAN ACCOUNT!

Chris Lowell Shirtless
Can We Appreciate Chris Lowell's Ass For One Damn Moment?

Hi, my name is Dick, and I have a confession to make. I am completely obsessed with the Graves star Chris Lowell ever since catching a glimpse of his UH-MAZING ass here at Mr. Man! In this zany kooky world, let's just take a damn second to appreciate the flawlessness that is Chris Lowell's perfect porthole. Thanks.

Masters Of Sex Cover
Say Goodbye To Canceled Masters of Sex With Hottest Nudity

Showtime just pulled the rug out from us in a major way by canceling the dudity-filled drama Masters of Sex. The beautiful boys featured over the series' four seasons are indeed masters of sex appeal, and in order to give this series the proper farewell, let's check out all of the hottest asses!

Shared Rooms Nudity 6
Here's The Cock And Ass From Gay Flick Shared Rooms

The gay dramedy Shared Rooms was released in May of 2016, but we can't think of a better time to check it out since it takes place during the holiday season! The spirit of ChristmASS is alive with these beautiful boys, as they love exploring each other's merry and tight bods while completely nude. They'll turn you into a ho ho ho!