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Jason Momoa
The Year of Jason Momoa Begins: Netflix's 'Frontier' Released Today

Jason Momoa became a recognizable face thanks to his ultra sexy appearance in Game of Thrones as the rugged, ravishing Khal Drogo. Since season one, he hasn't become a household name, though - until now. 

Peoples Choice Awards Actors
Sexiest 2017 People's Choice Actors On AND Off The Red Carpet!

Cameron Dallas! Justin Timberlake! John Stamos! Last night's People's Choice Awards broadcast was filled with the sexiest celebrities in Hollywood, and we've got their smoking hot red carpet looks, as well as some looks at their nude bods (did you expect any less from us?), in this blog post!

Who Is Hotter: Joe or Nick Jonas?

In response to Buzzfeed's incendiary analysis: Another analysis. (Hey - we are the experts.) 

Jamie Dornan
Jamie Dornan Apparently Is Not Down for S&M, But We Don't Care

Jamie Dornan may play the suave, BDSM aficionado Christian Grey in the erotic franchise Fifty Shades of Grey, but he differs quite a bit from his most famous character.

Fifi Sex Toy
Get The fifi, The #1 Sex Toy For Men!

If you're only going to have one sex toy in your bedside drawer  -or in your desk at work, who are we to judge - it should definitely be the fifi. The fifi is a masturbator that feels simply amazing and requires literally zero clean-up because the sleeves are disposable! Why didn't we think of that? Check out everything you've been missing out on...