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Oliver Cooper naked in "Burying the Ex."
Burying the Ex and More: Celebrity Dudity on DVD & Blu-ray

This week on DVD and Blu-ray brings a paranormal pair starring some seriously satisying tail. There might be all kinds of undead running around, but at least there are some steamy scenes to survive on!

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers covering his junk in "The Children of Huang Shi."
Birthday Suit Special: Jonathan Rhys-Meyers

When it comes to celebrity nudity, Jonathan Rhys-Meyer is a goldmine. This dapper Irishman has been stealing our hearts and haunting our dreams since 1996, when he first debuted on the big screen (though we hear he was in a soup commercial before than, and we imagine he was just as attractive). Today marks this beautiful man's 38th birthday, and as a tribute, we'd like to commerorate all of the times he stripped down on-screen. We hope you're somewhere private—you're gonna need a minute to cool down after this one. 

Jake Gyllenhaal covering his junk in "Love and Other Drugs."
Movie Nudity Report: Southpaw and Pixels 7.24.15

This week, Jake Gyllenhaal and Josh Gad bare their bods in new blockbusters Southpaw and Pixels. Interestingly enough, the pair starred in Love and Other Drugs, a skintastic flick featuring some fantastic sex scenes, together. One thing is for sure: These guys know how to get us hot and bothered. We can't get to the theater fast enough.

Daniel Radcliffe shirtless in "Kill Your Darlings."
Birthday Suit Special: Daniel Radcliffe

We'll be honest: We've all been in love with Daniel Radcliffe since we first heard the words, "You're a wizard, Harry!" And since he captured our attention at the tender age of 11, we've been #blessed enough to watch him blossom into a gorgeous young man. Today is his 26th birthday, and in celebration, we'd like to make a tribute to his, eh hem, best assets. 

Kellan Lutz laying on a table naked in "Java Heat."
Java Heat and more: Nude Dudes on Netflix

Jesus, have you seen the sweet heat that is Kellan Lutz, Russ Russo, Elvis Nolasco, and Stephen Tyrone Williams' beautifule bare backsides? It's practically an act of war. With August on its way, Netflix is heatin' up!