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Mr. Man's Year in Rear View!

Welcome to our first ever Year in Rear View, where we recap all of the most searched Mr. Man playlists, original videos, blog posts, scenes, titles, and celebs of the year! It’s one thing to check out our personal picks of 2023, but it’s quite another to see who your fellow Mr. Man readers are craving. We went deep into our ANALytics for this list, and were happy to find that big celebrity dicks (Top Five: Ben Affleck And Massive Celebrity Cocks), Tom Holland, Elite, real sex (Real Sex Scenes: Hollywood Hardcore), hung teenage swimmers (The Swimmer), and of course, Matt Bomer in Fellow Travelers, made the cut. The numbers don’t lie.

The Most Popular Celebs of 2023

The Most Popular Titles of 2023

The Most Popular Nude Videos of 2023

The Most Popular Playlists of 2023

The Most Watched Nude Scenes of 2023

The Most Popular Blog Posts of 2023