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It makes sense that Enki Babylon's only credit to date is the 2019 short film Under the Rain, because Enki was the ancient Babylonian god of water; and this tall, dark and handsome hunk helps some of his friends spill fluids for real! It might be a stage name, but he's living up to the namesake to the best of his sexy ability, and boy does he have quite the abilities! Directed by famed erotica master Noel Alejandro, best known for his Bedtime Stories series, Under the Rain is a surreal piece of art about four men who are taken to an old building as part of an art project. Somehow, that results in them using their dick acrylic to splatter the walls like a Jackson Pollack. It as Enki's Nude-Comer debut and he goes all out with everything hanging out in a completely non-simulated sex scene with three other hot hunks. But while lots of movies have some implied man on man action, this one's much more direct. Some dude's got the backdoor lock and the cock of Enki is the key! Enki's involvement in the rain hanky panky will have you soaking wet! We could babble on and on about how much we liked seeing Babylon's balls getting drained, but unfortunately we only got to see it that one time. Enki's a bit of a mystery, since we can't find much about him. What we do know is this German gent doesn't shy away from taking a role head-on or should we say taking a head oral! Baby, we've gotta have more Enki Babylon!