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The Swimmer

The Swimmer (2021)

Great Nudity!

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The Swimmer delivers everything we could want from a homoerotic movie about Israeli swimmers and more. Much more. In fact, this indie features some of the best male nudity of the 2020s. This "bracingly clever celebration of youthful physicality" - as one reviewer writes - stars the blonde Erez (Omer Perelman Striks) as a gay man competing against four other men at an elite training camp. At the end of the camp, one of these five swimmers will be chosen to compete in the Olympic Games. At first Erez doesn't hide his queerness, but his bristly Russian coach demands that Erez keep that part of himself private. This isn't easy, especially since Erez feels an instant attraction to one of his competitors, Nevo (Asaf Jonas). These two share a couple of homoerotic moments together but never properly hook up. In one scene, Erez shaves Nevo's pubic hair and grabs Nevo's crotch, but Nevo stops things before they get too gay. Spoiler Nevo: It's too late! Plus in another scene Nevo and Erez jerk off under the sheets in separate beds. So what about the three other men? They all get naked. Yup. In fact, Erez is the only one of the five to (inexplicably) stay clothed. In the hottest nude scene in The Swimmer, Roy Reshef, Gal Ben Amra, and Ofek Nicki-Cohen join Asaf Jonas in the shower. They are all fully naked, and three of the four (everyone beside Gal Ben Amra) show their penises. The boys all pal around in a playful nude fight scene scene that highlights the thin line between straight machismo and gay sexuality. Like, Ofek Nicki-Cohen grabs onto his cock and waves it around in a circle. It's a good time. You may have lasted to the end of this review, but we doubt you'll last long when checking out the full nude scenes from The Swimmer. It's that good. Just keep rimming, rimming, rimming!