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The Next 365 Days

The Next 365 Days (2022)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Aaaaand we're back with yet another installment of the 365 Days saga. The Next 365 Days (2022) is the third in the 365 Days trilogy which is filled with sex, lust, sex, and dick. Those things are our favorite! This film gives us the drama behind the married couple at the center of the films who are rebuilding trust after the second film, but the man that the wife had an affair with is trying to keep them apart. Drama! 

The second film did not have nearly as much nudity as the first and that was disappointing to us. The third film is making up for it by including gay stuff. It's true! Michele Morrone is back as Massimo and while he doesn't show his cock, balls, or buns...he does make out with another guy. He and Simone Susinna kiss in a hot threesome where the pair smooch over the woman that is at the center of the drama. Simone also shows us his juicy booty in all of the scenes where he is naked in. He eats out that woman has sex with her, and enjoys this threesome. Simone is giving all of the ass in this film, but he actually is not the only one. Danilo Susinna - hey, same last name - shows his ass when he gets interrupted banging a woman in a fashion workroom. He turns around to get his clothes and he shows us his olive-toned tush. Hey, slow down, Danilo. No need to put on your clothes so fast. Why don't you hang out naked for a while? Maybe even for 365 days?