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Synonyms (2019)

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Synonyms (2019) is about a young man from Israel who tries to find freedom in Paris after he decides his home country is hopeless. He struggles in France, his new chosen home, and refuses to acknowledge that he is Israeli-Jewish to anyone who asks. He becomes friends with a French person whom he admires and hopes will get him out of his mess. The tasty Tom Mercier stars as Yoav, our leading man, and he looks hot as hell. In one long nude scene, he shows off his big bulging underwear. He takes that off and heads to the bathroom where we see his cut ass. We can also see his cock dangling between his legs! Then he gets into the bath and starts washing his body, showing his girthy cock from multiple angles. He hears something so he leaves the bathroom, heading downstairs to show us more of his ass in motion. We can think of several synonyms for Tom's D&A - that's dick and ass!


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