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Jesús (2016)

Hall of Fame Nudity!
  • Genres: Drama
  • Directed by: Fernando Guzzoni
  • Theatrical Release: 09/01/2017
  • Home Release: 09/19/2017
  • Country: Chile, Colombia, France, Germany, Greece
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Jesus is right, because you'll be screaming his name after you peek all the amazing hard cock in this instant Mr. Man classic! The 2016 indie drama Jesús tells the harrowing and gritty tale of eighteen-year-old Santiagan teen, Jesús (Nicolas Duran.) His aimless days of random hookups and drugs take a turn for the dramatic when he and a group of inebriated friends decide to pass the time by beating up a stranger. Soon the police are on his tail as the incident creates a public outcry for the culprit's capture. Needless to say, Jesús' coming-of-age tale isn't one for the faint of heart.

Turns out, it's not one for the faint of HARD either! Duran shows off his hot hard cock and perfect bush as he gets a blowjob, but the real magic happens when he again shows off his erect rod while getting gay with an equally hard-cocked (new term!) Sebastián Ayala! Duran and Ayala begin making out before Ayala grabs Duran's dick and begins jerking him off from behind. Then Duran begins jerking his own cock before returning the favor by paying attention to Ayala’s peen. I mean, you just can't make this stuff up! Throw in buns from Gaston Selgado, and Jesús will have you on your knees!

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Nude, butt 00:32:00 See double butts as the boys do some moonlight mooning!
Nude, penis, balls, erect 00:18:00 See erect cock from Nicolás Durán as he gets a BJ! This freaking movie!
Nude, butt, penis, balls, gay, shirtless, erect 00:40:00 Jesus! Nicolás Durán and Sebastián Ayala share an epic gay scene featuring all the hard cock you, as well as they, can handle!


Nicolás Durán

Nude - as JesúsSexy, balls, butt, erect, gay, penis, shirtless

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Sebastián Ayala

Nudeballs, butt, erect, gay, penis, shirtless

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