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Man at Bath

Man at Bath (2010)

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Who knew a movie about a relationship on the rocks would get flesh fans rock hard? Well, that’s the case with Christophe Honoré’s Man at Bath (2010). Also known as Homme au bain, the French film features Chiara Mastroianni, the gorgeous daughter of Marcello Mastroianni and Catherine Deneuve. Yet your eyes (as well as another part of your anatomy) will be drawn to gay porn actor François Sagat who plays a homosexual hustler named Emmanuel. When his boyfriend Omar (Omar Ben Sellem) heads to New York, Emmanuel enjoys some philandering back home. Divided by an ocean, the two men go about their business while never quite leaving one another’s thoughts. Are they trying so hard to forget each other because they’re deeply in love or is their union actually done? As Omar and Emmanuel sort their feelings out, we are treated to a parade of cocks, balls and buns. For starters, François dries off after a shower before sucking face (and dick) with Omar just two minutes into the flick! Talk about a pair of overexposed perv-formers! Later, Dustin Segura-Suarez slurps on Omar’s schlong. Throughout the rest of the erotic drama, François struts his stuff in the buff while getting it on with equally naked guys such as Sebastian D’Azeglio. If that’s not arousing enough, he gives Rabah Zahi a spanking on his hairy bare butt! Sébastien Pouderoux and Lahcen Elmazouzi are among the other hunks vying for your erection, erh attention, as they raise their freak flags and lower their drawers!