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Is there anything better when watching a film than catching sight of a real celebrity penis? That’s why we created this exclusive promotion just for our premium users, counting down the Top 100 Celebrity Penis Scenes in Film and Television! This list has it all: A-list penises, nudecomer dicks, before they were famous dongs, and even some Oscar winning cocks! From the 1970s all the way up to the 2020s, this is one seriously stacked list with the most seriously exposed penises ever captured on camera! Accompanying each scene are three trivia facts about the scene, the actors, or the historical context surrounding the scene. These nude celebs put the penis in happiness!

MrMan's Take

- Eight years before landing the role of a lifetime as James Bond, Craig let his 007 inches hang out in this legendary bath tub scene. TBH, we might be talking 008 inches.

- Pierce Brosnan is the only other James Bond actor to go frontal (in 1986’s Nomads), but Craig’s lengthy, well-lit nude scene is the one that has us shaken and stirred.

- Thanks to his large penis and balls, amazing nudity, ripped body, and leading man good looks, Daniel Craig is consistently one of the most searched celebrities at Mr. Man.

MrMan's Take

- Before he became a household name as Prince Charles on The Crown, the British actor Josh O’Connor showed his large, uncut penis in this amazing gay role.

- For over a full minute, both beautiful men expose their uncut cocks while casually chatting in a barn. Hayyyyy!

- The British God’s Own Country was released the same year as Call Me By Your Name, and is considered a sexed-up version of its American counterpart. Peaches are great, but we want eggplant.

MrMan's Take

- Fassbender jokingly stated that he did this nude scene for his mother: “I remember my mom always complaining ‘...It's always the women (actors) who are naked!’ so I did this one for you, Mom!"

- Fassbender revealed to George Clooney during a roundtable discussion that he actually urinates in this scene. The jury is still out on whether his shower jerk off is real or not...

- He was the first and only choice for this role in Shame. We can certainly see why.

MrMan's Take

- Director Gaspar Noé said of not choreographing the films unsimulated sex scenes: "Once you put the people in the right positions it's okay. They know how to do it."

- Glusman was comfortable with the nudity, stating regarding having sex in front of a room full of people: “(It’s) a minimum of six people focusing on private parts...Pretty soon it felt very normal."

- The theatrical release was shown in 3D, making this the first and only 3D cum shot in movie history. Forget 3D glasses, those audiences needed goggles.

MrMan's Take

- De Niro was 33-years-old when he filmed this homoerotic frontal scene with Depardieu.

- Depardieu clams he helped De Niro stay... excited... on set with a mixture containing water and a Chinese heat rub called “Tiger Balm.”

- For a brief moment, De Niro actually fondles Depardieu’s penis on camera. Friends who fondle together!

MrMan's Take

- Viggo earned a Best Actor Oscar nomination for his role as an off-the-grid father of six.

- When these onlookers gawk at what Viggo’s packing, he states “It's just a penis. Every man has one. We're all animals of the earth.” Well then, rawr!

- Believe it or not, Viggo is 58-years-old in this scene, even though he has the physique of someone decades younger. Must be that big dick energy.

MrMan's Take

- By the time Jonathan went frontal in this 2001 thriller, he had already shown his penis in The Tribe, The Governess, and Velvet Goldmine. The man’s got nothing to hide.

- He would next go frontal twenty years after Tangled - in 2021’s Yakuza Princess.

- Irish guys are rumored to have big cocks. Let’s ask the audience...

MrMan's Take

- Segel’s mother cried after seeing his nude scene (she was not notified of it ahead of time) and subsequently sent this email to her entire family: “I would like to inform you all that Jason has chosen to do full-frontal nudity, however, it is not gratuitous and is essential to the plot.”

- He based this iconic nude breakup scene on a real-life experience he had with an ex-girlfriend.

- Segel’s penis needed to stay flaccid in order for the movie to not exceed its R-rating: “It was very important professionally that (my penis) remain completely flaccid, but it was very important personally that it not be completely flaccid... if you know what I mean.”

MrMan's Take

- Ewan has bared his penis in eight different movies, making him one of the most frequently-frontal A-list actors in Hollywood history.

- Colin Farrell, who is at at #59 on this list, said of Ewan’s famous cock: “I don't think Ewan is as proud of his penis as most men who are as well hung would—or should—or could be.”

- The original plan was to cut Ewan’s frontal scene in Young Adam from the US version of the film. The scene stayed, however, after Ewan passionately objected. Looks like he’s more proud of that cock that Colin knows...

#10: Tom Hardy in Bronson

MrMan's Take

- The role of Bronson was originally offered to Jason Statham.

- Hardy has shown his uncut penis in four incredible frontal roles. But this unbelievable shot of Tom’s character buttering up to give guards the slip is his best yet.

- In 2014 a man from Ireland admitted to recreating this scene in hopes of evading the police.

MrMan's Take

- Many fans of Sylvester Stallone don’t know that Rocky herself once stripped down for a softcore porno.

- This movie was originally called The Party at Kitty and Stud's. The name was changed to The Italian Stallion after the release of Rocky in order to cash in on Stallone’s newfound stardom.

- Stallone shows his penis in every scene in which he goes nude.

MrMan's Take

- Sevigny filmed this legendary blowjob scene with the flick’s director and lead actor Vincent Gallo to push back against her rising fame at the time: “I think it was a way of kind of reclaiming myself.”

- A billboard of this scene, blurred out, was briefly erected on Sunset Boulevard. It was quickly removed after community outcry.

- The controversial flick elicited strong reactions from critics, with Roger Ebert stating that Gallo’s movie was "the worst in the history of Cannes.” Don’t be so hard on him.

#13: Various in I Want Your Love

MrMan's Take

- Despite being produced by the porn studio NakedSword, this graphic movie was reviewed (positively) by mainstream critics. It has a 64% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

- 2012’s I Want Your Love is an expanded version of a 2010 14-minute short of the same name.

- We love this scene, which lasts almost six minutes, for being an unbridled celebration of gay male sexuality.

MrMan's Take

- O’Brien is a rare mainstream actor with a hardcore past. Recently he appeared in Ted Lasso and the HBO miniseries Chernobyl.

- He is erect in six different 9 Songs scenes, and became the first mainstream British actor to ejaculate on camera.

- The director’s style required O’Brien to stay erect as shots were reset (a process sometimes taking 15 minutes), prompting O’Brien to muse: “I wondered if (the director) remembered the delicate machinery of the male sex organ."

MrMan's Take

- LaBeouf revealed that it was his idea to go nude here. Originally only his scene partner stripped down: “If (she’s) going to be naked, I should be naked as well!"

- The Icelandic indie band gave director Alma Har’el free rein, and had no idea what the final music video would end up being about.

- LaBeouf has exposed his penis in six different roles, and even showed his real erection in Nymphomaniac Vol. 1.

MrMan's Take

- This erotic gay drama features one of the best masturbation scenes ever caught on camera.

- Juan Carlos Maldonado jacks off his thick uncut penis to completion in two scenes. The best goes down when he experiments in the mud with his curious teen friends before unleashing a huge stream of cum on his stomach. Boys will be boys.

- The Prince was praised by critics and has a 93% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

MrMan's Take

- This Israeli sexpot became an instant Mr. Man favorite after debuting his huge, thick penis in the 2019 movie Synonyms. No really. Go check it out.

- But nothing can top this scene in Call Me By Your Name director Luca Guadagnino’s HBO series We Are Who We Are. Tom casually exposes his huge package, manly au naturel bush, and fat ass during a group shower. Not to mention that bod. Okay, we’ll stop.

- This is Tom’s second-ever acting role. Synonyms was his first. We’re sensing a pattern.

MrMan's Take

- Bates and Reed were apprehensive about filming this legendary nude fight because they didn’t know who would be “bigger.” After comparing their penises before filming, they realized they were about the same size. Filming continued.

- Both actors reportedly drank a bottle of vodka to ease into this homoerotic scene.

- Cuts made to the scene to appease censors actually made it look more homoerotic than originally intended. When the two men collapse on the floor at the end, it appears as though they’ve had gay sex. Sweaty, hairy, daddy, gay sex. Where were we?

MrMan's Take

- Netflix claims that 20 million of this series’ 67 million viewers replayed this shocking frontal scene at least once.

- Demos and Sex/Life showrunner Stacy Rukeyser refuse to divulge whether or not a prosthetic was used. Rukeyser teased: “I can tell you what Adam Demos says about it which is, a gentleman never tells. So, we are leaving that up to the viewer’s imagination.”

- If this is really Demos’ penis, it is the biggest celebrity penis on Mr. Man by a mile. Or at least a couple of inches.

MrMan's Take

- This controversial movie was cut from the Sydney Film Festival and is currently banned from being screened in Australia.

- Ransone had only been acting on screen for one year when he landed this role requiring him to actually masturbate to completion on camera... while practicing auto-erotic asphyxiation. He’s since appeared in dozens of titles including The Wire and It Chapter Two.

- The sexually charged script was written by infamous screenwriter Harmony Korine, who also penned the equally-controversial Kids.

MrMan's Take

- Williams’ groundbreaking turn as the gay Omar on The Wire was too much for some 2002 audiences to handle. An interviewer (DJ Sway Calloway) at the time told Omar that the role was “morally outrageous.”

- President Obama has stated that Omar is his favorite character on The Wire.

- Of Williams’ nine nude scenes, this is the only one in which he shows his penis.

MrMan's Take

- Where to even start with Christopher Meloni’s legendary nudity in Oz! Meloni revealed his cock in six different nude scenes.

- We love his gay sex scenes and unforgettable homoerotic showers, but the best look at Meloni’s penis can be found in this frontal showdown with Sister Peter Marie Reimondo.

- Meloni stated regarding his character Keller: “He uses his penis as a weapon. Female, male, it's irrelevant. It's just a way of getting what he wants.” Now that’s an effective tool.

MrMan's Take

- François Sagat is a French gay porn star who is still very much so active in the industry 11 years after the release of Man at Bath.

- He has ten (yes, TEN) nude and gay scenes in this sexually explicit movie.

- Sagat is famous for his very thick uncut penis.

#24: Various in Shortbus

MrMan's Take

- This explosive opening scene helped make John Cameron Mitchell’s controversial Shortbus an instant gay classic.

- Paul Dawson said of auto-fellating in real life versus on camera: “It’s not something I do, or even enjoy believe it or not. Some guys have a really hard time believing it.” He practiced breathing and stretching techniques in order to get his own penis into his mouth.

- Dawson and Mitchell were friends for a decade before Mitchell enlisted Dawson (and his talents) for Shortbus. A friend in seed is a friend indeed.

MrMan's Take

- In this sexual scene, a fan (Vack) meets the cam girl of his dreams while they both actually masturbate. She even flicks her cigarette ashes into his mouth! Now that’s how you do an ash-to-mouth scene.

- We love how Vack casually strokes his incredibly excited cock throughout this lengthy shot, which lasts over a full minute.

- This model-hot actor briefly bared his penis tip in 2017’s Assholes, but PVT Chat is by far his best nude role to date.

MrMan's Take

- Who doesn’t love seeing seeing Oscar winning actor Sam Rockwell’s tight, athletic body and manly au naturel bush?

- Director Tom DiCillo told the actors that the quarry used in this scene was 25 feet deep, when in fact it was 350 feet deep. He also withheld the fact that a swimmer was killed by a water snake just days before at a nearby quarry. No thanks.

- We think Sam Rockwell is an unsung sex symbol, and this scene proves it.

MrMan's Take

- Despite delivering Robert De Niro’s penis grab in his movie 1900 (#5 on this list) The Dreamers is legendary erotica director Bernardo Bertolucci’s most homoerotic movie.

- Eva Green and Garrel play French siblings who court an American boy, Pitt, for more than just buttering their baguettes.

- Jake Gyllenhaal originally accepted Pitt’s role, but dropped out of the movie due to the required nudity.

MrMan's Take

- Keitel’s screen partner Holly Hunter stated in an interview that the two had “fun” filming their sex scenes.

- Keitel has shown his penis in four different movies and is famous for his willingness to do frontal nudity.

- Despite winning an Oscar for her performance in The Piano, the then-eleven-year-old Anna Paquin was unable to watch the film to due its sexual content.

#29: Luke Perry in Oz

MrMan's Take

- Fans of Perry’s character Dylan McKay on Beverly Hills, 90210 might not know that this high school bad boy has a very full frontal scene on Oz.

- Perry plays a reverend imprisoned for embezzling money from his church. Let’s just say we’d like to give this man of God a preach-around.

- He isn’t the only Beverly Hills, 90210 cast member with frontal nudity on Mr. Man. Jason Priestley slipped us his penis on the series Call Me Fitz.

MrMan's Take

- Courtney went naked in the scene without knowing his penis would make the final cut: “I am pretty comfortable being stark naked. I actually didn't even know my genitals were going to be in shot."

- This is Courtney’s first and only frontal scene to date.

- He had to lose a ton of weight for The Exception, having just achieved a bulging 230 pound bodybuilder figure for Suicide Squad. The Exception director felt it would be distracting.

MrMan's Take

- This well-lit shot of Irish actor Jack Reynor’s awesome cock infused this fright fest with surprising sex appeal.

- The script originally called for Reynor to wear a robe during this scene, but he suggested that he go completely nude to appear more vulnerable.

- Midsommar was originally given an NC-17 rating. Director Ari Aster had to cut 30 minutes of footage to secure an R rating.

MrMan's Take

- Most people attribute Banderas’ sexiest roles to 2001’s Original Sin and 1987’s Law of Desire, but this rare 1982 Spanish movie is the best place to see his amazing long and thick penis.

- Banderas was only 22-years-old when he went frontal in False Eyelash, where he plays a rent-boy who hooks up with older women.

- This was Banderas’ first ever movie role. That’s how you make a splash!

MrMan's Take

- Director Jane Campion offered to take off her clothes in order to make her actors more comfortable during the film’s nude scenes.

- While promoting this erotic thriller, Ruffalo spoke out on America’s censorship of sex: “We are the largest pornography consumers in the world, and yet we have this prudishness about honest, beautiful, two consenting adults making love.”

- Ruffalo also exposed his penis in XX/XY and the series I Know This Much is True, but In the Cut remains his best frontal scene.

MrMan's Take

- The original script for American Gigolo did not include nudity. Gere stated that his nude scenes arose organically.

- The role initially went to John Travolta, but he turned it down after learning he would not receive final cut approval. What might have been!

- Gere was interested in the role due to its gay subtext, stating “There's kind of a gay thing that's flirting through it and I didn't know the gay community at all.” We’ll see you at the LGBTQ community!

MrMan's Take

- This little-known Spanish thriller is the best place to see Javier Bardem’s penis.

- He was 25-years-old when he strutted out of the ocean fully nude in broad daylight.

- Barden has received three Oscar nominations (including a win for No Country For Old Men) and four Golden Globe nominations (including another win for NCFOM) but this hot as f*ck role will always be our favorite. Bardem our language.

MrMan's Take

- Future A-listers Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal were 22 and 23, respectively, when they starred in this erotic road movie.

- Luna, who is uncircumcised, had to wear a makeshift prosthetic, because in the script his character is circumcised. He divulged: “It was a condom with a little head. It was very uncomfortable to wear. In the shower scene it was tough, because the water was getting in. It started to get bigger, and bigger, and bigger.”

- Luna and Bernal are best friends in real life and have known each other since they were born. Friends who play around in the shower fully naked together, stay together.

MrMan's Take

- Murphy insisted that his nude scenes were filmed on a closed set. NOT a clothed set.

- This marks Murphy’s first nude role, and his only frontal scene to date.

- His nude scene goes down only six minutes into 28 Days Later. Now that’s how you make an introduction!

MrMan's Take

- Redmayne, a straight cis man, courted controversy by taking on the role of trans pioneer Einar Wegener. He has since stated that he’s not sure if he would accept the role now.

- In the scene Redmaybe tucks his actual penis between his legs in front of a mirror to envision what his character would look like with a vagina.

- The same year that Redmayne received an Oscar nomination for The Danish Girl, he received a Razzie nomination for Jupiter Ascending.

MrMan's Take

- This graphic gay movie features zero dialogue from the two leading men, but tons of looks at their lean athletic bodies and uncut penises.

- Pittakos and Shoteka play a gay couple attempting to salvage their failing relationship with a trip to a completely isolated beach.

- Their sexual chemistry explodes onto the screen with this beautifully shot, erotic underwater nude scene. In He Loves Me, we love them!

MrMan's Take

- Disney might not want you to know that the voice of Kristoff on Frozen once went very nude on camera!

- Even many fans of Groff’s seminal gay series Looking don’t know that he once sashayed across a room with his penis and balls on full display.

- Roger Ebert called this widely-panned drama an “unsuccessful movie with some surprisingly successful scenes.” We assume this is one of them.

MrMan's Take

- Shameless has the most male nudity out of any television series in history.

- McGowan also went full frontal on his series Black Sails.

- His big penis steals the show here as he casually makes breakfast in front of William H. Macy and Emmy Rossum. Looks like we’re having sausage for breakfast!

MrMan's Take

- This hung German hottie has shown his penis in five different roles, including in Free Fall, where Max bottoms for Hanno Koffler in a realistic gay sex scene.

- Sense8 is where we get the best look at what Max Riemelt is packing. We Sense8 inches on this guy.

- Max stated that he worries about how his frontal scenes will be received: “Will it be something that people will just rewind because it's so shocking, or will it be something quite natural that is just a part of a scene that works?” Both?

MrMan's Take

- Over a decade after the original 1999 American Pie, Biggs finally served up a slice of nudity in American Reunion!

- In a surprisingly hot outtake reel, Biggs can be seen hilariously adjusting his penis and balls to fit inside the lid just so.

- Jason’s frontal shot helped audiences see the funnyman as the seriously sexy star that he is today. Turns out Jason is Bigg indeed!

MrMan's Take

- Director Lee Daniels shot this scene multiple times, each with Dorff’s penis at varying stages of erectness. The fully erect cut was rejected by the MPAA, but this semi-erect one got the green light.

- Dorff and Mark Rylance are the only two actors on our list wearing condoms. Always practice safe nudity!

- Despite having no qualms baring his thick penis on screen, this is Dorff’s only frontal scene to date.

MrMan's Take

- This is one of the best A-list frontal scenes ever filmed.

- We get to see every inch (and there are a lot of inches to see!) of Taylor-Johnson in not one, but two amazing frontal shots.

- Aaron and his wife Sam (who is 23 years his senior) wrote the screenplay together. They knew the world needed to see Johnson’s johnson.

MrMan's Take

- Eccleston, who played the ninth Dr. Who, is one of two Dr. Who actors to show their penis on screen. The eight Dr. Who, Paul McGann, went frontal in The Rainbow. (Spoiler: They both have big dicks.)

- Eccleston’s costar Naoko Mori claimed she drank a half-bottle of Tequila to film the nude scenes in Lennon Naked.

- With his sexy toned body and perfect thick dick, this role proves that Christopher Eccleston is an unsung sex symbol!

MrMan's Take

- James Purefoy loves showing off his large daddy cock and balls! He goes very full frontal in Altered Carbon, Women Talking Dirty, and Rome.

- Rome marks his best frontal scene. Purefoy has a convo with the boys while a man gives him a bath in broad daylight. Sorry, but is that a cock, or is that a cock!?

- His first acting gig, in Equus, required James to bare it all when he was 17: “I don’t mind full-frontal nudity if the part requires it. Saying that, my first job in Equus meant I had to spend the first six months of my career naked on stage.”

MrMan's Take

- Howey said of his graphic sex scene on Shameless “These are stunts; those sex scenes are like fight scenes.”

- Howey is one of 25 actors to get naked on Shameless!

- As with the other Shameless scene on this list (Zach McGowan at #41) this shot plays fantastic male nudity for laughs. It’s bound to tickle your funny boner.

MrMan's Take

- Intimacy was the first-ever movie featuring unsimulated sex to receive a mainstream release in England.

- Mark Rylance is the only Oscar-winning actor to perform real sex on camera.

- During the opening real sex scene, Rylance can be seen adjusting his costar’s position in order to go even deeper in the missionary position.

MrMan's Take

- Attention The Walking Dead fans! Rick Grimes once went very full frontal in the premiere episode of this British drama.

- See Andrew’s Lincoln log when he steps out of the shower while casually having a convo with a woman.

- Lincoln was “desperate” to go naked for a scene on The Walking Dead: “I was desperate to be naked! But they wouldn't let me be naked. I did one take and I said, 'Please, with just the cowboy boots. Let's do that.' And for some reason, AMC weren't particularly comfortable with that." Pretty please!

MrMan's Take

- Gbenga was one of eight actors who went frontal on this series about the golden age of porn in New York City.

- The Deuce marks his only nude appearance to date.

- The show’s co-creator George Pelecanos was adamant that The Deuce deliver as much male nudity as female: “If you’re going to do a show like this, which is about the commodification of sex and the selling of flesh then you should see everybody in their natural state.”

MrMan's Take

- Bacon actually had a “no nudity clause” for Wild Things. Dillon was supposed to be positioned in a way that blocked Bacon’s bits in this now famous shot.

- Director John McNaughton didn’t need to do much to convince Bacon to use the accidental nudity: “We called Kevin and he said, 'How do I look?' We said, 'You look good Kevin.' He goes, 'No problem.'"

- In a deleted scene, Bacon and Dillon actually shower together. McNaughton cut it out for being too “gratuitous.”

MrMan's Take

- Bale was 25-years-old when he filmed his only frontal nude scene to date.

- He joins Ben Affleck as being the only two Batman actors who have shown their penises on screen. Bruce Greenwood (who voiced Batman) showed his penis in 1989’s Wild Orchid.

- This scene gets extra points for the inclusion of Bale’s unforgettable, huge au naturel bush!

MrMan's Take

- We concluded on our list of Hollywood “showers vs growers” that Ben Affleck has the biggest penis in Hollywood.

- Reese Witherspoon was a producer on Gone Girl, and stated on Watch What Happens Live that she is a big fan of Ben Affleck’s large cock (even congratulating his then-wife Jennifer Garner!)

- He was nominated for Best Depiction of Nudity, Sexuality, or Seduction by the Alliance of Women Film Journalists, but lost to Scarlett Johansson in Under the Skin.

MrMan's Take

- Messina has shown his penis in two movies, Digging for Fire and 28 Hotel Rooms.

- He stated about his comfort with nudity: “I was naked a bunch in plays, and I remember there was a certain power onstage when you got naked.”

- Here he casually strips naked in front of his friends to go skinny dipping. We love his daddy dick and and thick au naturel bush. You’ll make a Messin-ya pants!

MrMan's Take

- On our list of celebrity “growers vs showers” we ranked Yahya as having the third biggest penis in Hollywood, behind Ben Affleck and Michael Fassbender.

- This famously-nude character, Dr. Manhattan, was portrayed by Billy Crudup in the 2009 Watchmen movie, but Billy enlisted CGI to bring his blue-hued genitals to the big screen.

- Yahya said of going nude for this role: “I’ve been working out, I’ve been getting in shape, it’s HBO, and I’m young. (Plus) guys can do it, too.” Yes they can.

MrMan's Take

- Two of Alexander’s brothers (Bill and Gustaf) as well as their father Stellan have shown their penises on screen. Talk about a family tradition!

- He has seven nude scenes on True Blood as well as his famous gay make out with Ryan Kwanten, but this is the only scene in which Alexander goes frontally nude.

- He originally auditioned for the role of Bill, which went to Stephen Moyer.

MrMan's Take

- Keanu Reeves only frontal appearance is in this dink-and-you’ll-miss-it nude scene!

- To date, Reeves has gone nude in five different movies, including brief butt in The Matrix Reloaded and a gay scene with River Phoenix in My Own Private Idaho.

- Henry’s Crime may be a comedy, but Keanu’s thick penis and manly au naturel bush are no laughing matter.

MrMan's Take

- Farrell’s penis was famously cut from A Home At The End Of The World when test audiences found it too “distracting.” An audience member stated: "All you could hear were gasps when Colin appeared.”

- Thankfully Colin let it all hang out in the bath during this fantastic frontal scene in Triage. You can also see his penis in 2006’s Ask the Dust and 2004’s Alexander.

- Farrell once said that his penis “...ain't nothing to f*cking write home about.” We’ll have to agree to disagree.

MrMan's Take

- Did you know that Gandalf from The Lord Of The Rings once bared his wizard staff in broad daylight?

- McKellen was 42-years-old here. His hair was dyed orange for the role of poet D.H. Lawrence.

- This is Sir Ian McKellen’s only nude role. If you’re going to get wet, you might as well jump in.

MrMan's Take

- This scene went viral prior to the movie’s release on Netflix.

- Regarding Outlaw King’s world premiere at TIFF, Vanity Fair stated that the flick “made (Chris Pine) and his anatomy the belle of the ball in Toronto.”

- Pine stated about the media’s obsession with his penis in this action drama: “There’s so much beheading in this, and yet people want to talk about my penis.” We want to be-heading towards dat dick!

MrMan's Take

- Stranger by the Lake is of the most sexually explicit mainstream gay movies ever produced.

- Porn actors were enlisted for the graphic sex scenes. Director Alain Guiraudie decided to use these body doubles out of fear that his actors would not be able to maintain erections.

- Two hardcore gay sex scenes made it into the final edit, but Guiraudie stated that many more were shot and cut out at the last minute. He didn’t want the movie to be about the sex.

MrMan's Take

- A year before Stan exploded onto Disney+ with the series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, this Marvel-ous man filmed a lengthy frontal scene in Monday!

- Stan and his costar Denise Gough spent so much of Monday nude in public in Greece that they came up with a slogan “It's Greece! Everyone runs around with no clothes on!”

- On April 12, 2021 Stan posted an Instagram picture of himself naked in the street to promote Monday.

MrMan's Take

- Everyone remembers the tent scene from the semen-al gay movie Brokeback Mountain, but this sexy skinny dipping scene might be our favorite.

- While Jake Gyllenhaal used a body double, what you see from Heath Ledger is all real. Leave it to Ennis to bring the penis!

- Director Ang Lee intended to edit out Ledger’s nudity here, but after paparazzi pics snapped during filming leaked online, Lee kept it in. This unedited scene is found in the Australian and European versions of the film.

MrMan's Take

- Eric Balfour joins a select few actors on this list, like Karl Glusman and Mark Rylance, as being the proud, the few mainstream actors to perform unsimulated sex in their movie roles.

- The original press release for this much-hyped flick promised that it would be “the most erotic and intimate film about sex ever made in North America” and compared the movie to Last Tango in Paris.

- Balfour shows his penis in five different scenes totaling over six and a half inches in length. we mean minutes.

MrMan's Take

- Stellan has shown his penis in four different movies (most recently in 2016’s Our Kind of Traitor) but Aberdeen gives us our best look yet at the goods.

- Four out of five of his sons have gone nude on camera. Alexander, Bill, and Gustaf showed their penises, while the youngest Skarsgård brother, Valter, showed his butt. Sam has not gone nude. That’s what we call a family dy-nasty!

- The liberated Stellan has stated that he does not understand why some actors care about getting naked: “For some reason, which is strange to a Swede, Anglo Saxon actors have nudity clauses in their contracts.”

MrMan's Take

- The headline-grabbing frontal scene was released two years before Zylka and Paris Hilton began dating. Wonder if she was a fan of the show?

- Zylka didn’t think twice about getting naked in broad daylight: “It’s not about nudity; it’s about the story and the connective between Liv (Tyler) and me.”

- In addition to having a thick penis, this scene showcases Zylka’s larger-than-average balls.

MrMan's Take

- Both Nambot and Couët came across the casting call while scrolling through Facebook. The ad stated that explicit nudity would be required for both roles.

- The movie is about a reverse romance: Two men have sex at a club, and then develop feelings for one another while strolling through Paris.

- Paris 05:59 was a hit with critics (it currently has a 92% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes) and was lauded for the intense sexual and romantic chemistry between the two leads.

MrMan's Take

- In this scene Cannavale chokes himself with a belt during sex, survives a gang shootout while naked, and then stumbles around the carnage with his penis fully visible. Folks, this scene has it all.

- Cannavale won a Primetime Emmy for his role as Gyp Rosetti on Boardwalk Empire.

- His only other frontal nude scene is on Vinyl - another notoriously pricey period drama. In fact both Boardwalk Empire ($5 million an episode) and Vinyl ($7.5 million an episode) are two of the most expensive series ever produced.

MrMan's Take

- Real life gay porn superstar Colby Keller turned out Max Jenkins’ ass in the very first episode of High Maintenance. This passionate and raw slow-motion sex scene is a fan favorite at Mr. Man.

- Colby said of his acting experience prior to High Maintenance: “You do quite a bit of acting in porn... most of the video, maybe 60% of it, is just running lines. But in porn, you don’t have to deliver the line effectively.”

- After dismounting Max’s ass and flaunting his famous penis, Colby says: “Pleasure to fuck you Max.” The pleasure was all ours.

MrMan's Take

- This is an incredibly graphic gay scene, especially in a series known for its softcore straight sex scenes with stars Caitríona Balfe and Sam Heughan.

- Sam has never gone frontal, but Tobias rose to the occasion after having sex with Sam from behind.

- Tobias is an immensely prolific television actor and can also be found in The Crown and Game of Thrones.

MrMan's Take

- This penis reveal was the very first scene Beauchamp shot for Penny Dreadful.

- As part of his screen test, Beauchamp had to prove that he could play a woman convincingly enough for this scene work. (Prior to his frontal nudity audiences were not aware that his character was a man.)

- Beauchamp stated: “To go full frontal for my first big TV project was daunting. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t lose sleep over it!”

MrMan's Take

- Comedian and former SNL cast member Jay Mohr’s brazen and unexpected nudity in this moving music video caught the entire world off guard. We like the new Jay, and we want to see Mohr!

- Jay and the openly gay singer Logan Lynn are close friends, and Jay has stated that he is a huge fan of Lynn’s music.

- Jay waited until he was 48-years-old to make his frontal debut. We can’t wait to see what the next 48 years bring!

MrMan's Take

- Davidson earned an Oscar nomination for his role as a transgender woman. This was his first ever movie appearance, and he has only appeared in three subsequent films to date.

- Audiences were not aware of his character’s transgender status until this shocking frontal reveal.

- Davidson was so convincing as a woman that a doctor on set asked, when examining Davison for the flu: “Is there any chance you could be pregnant?”

MrMan's Take

- Nick delivered this shocking full frontal scene five years before becoming a household name as Ron Swanson on Parks & Recreation.

- The short-lived Deadwood is considered by many critics to be one of the greatest TV shows of all time.

- Nick stated about getting naked in Hollywood: “Being naked and stuff - nobody ever asks me to do it because they want to see my abs, you know? I’m serving a purpose to this piece of art, and it’s not going to affect my sex life.”

MrMan's Take

- Justice Smith teased his tight otter body throughout the first season of Genera+ion, but waited until the final episode to actually show his penis.

- This teens-gone-wild series is often compared to Euphoria, which also made it onto this list.

- The openly queer Smith said of working on Genera+ion “I’m so happy to be on this show that is gay as fuck!” And added “All the characters are gay as hell!”

MrMan's Take

- Falcon from the Marvel Cinematic Universe once spread his nudity wings in this Spike Lee classic.

- We thought Mackie might show his penis in season two of the cock-filled Altered Carbon, but sadly he didn’t follow in his predecessors footsteps, making She Hate Me his only frontal appearance.

- Mackie said of this stripping scene: “If you look at the scene where I'm fully nude and I have to rotate, there's an aspect of self-degradation. This man is just a piece of meat.”

MrMan's Take

- Sir Patrick Steward and Sir Ian McKellen are the only two actors on this list knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.

- Most Trekkies don’t know that they can see Captain Jean-Luc Picard’s actual penis in this psychological thriller.

- Stewart is 58-year-old in this scene. He later went nude in a 2016 episode of Blunt Talk when he was 76. The man is simply ageless!

MrMan's Take

- Director Harmony Korin has two titles on this list - he also wrote the screenplay for Ken Park.

- Despite starring in the iconic male stripper movie Magic Mike, this is Matthew’s first and only frontal nudity.

- Korin was adamant about including a peeing scene: “That’s probably one of the purest things you can do simultaneously as a human — drinking and peeing.” Korin said of filming on location: “You’d get a crowd around the schlong.”

#80: 50 Cent in Power

MrMan's Take

- Despite being an executive producer on Power, 50 Cent claimed this scene was aired without his knowledge, stating on Instagram: “My Auntie G money, just called me and said man what the f*ck did i just watch? She's traumatized!”

- He also berated showrunner Courtney Kemp on Instagram: “Courtney I'm a kill you, this is not funny. I think I just saw my (penis) in a scene.”

- Kemp’s response? “Yeah that's your (penis). You signed the waiver like everybody else.” Now that’s what we call manufactured pube-licity.

MrMan's Take

- Lenny Kravitz popped a squat during a live performance that tore his pants at the most opportune spot.

- This iconic penis slip went viral, and trended with the hashtag #penisgate on Twitter.

- Kravitz himself got in on the fun, sharing this DM that he received from Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler: “Dude, no underwear and pierced? Fuck me. You never showed me that shit!”

MrMan's Take

- Abbott famously exited the series GIRLS after he could no longer relate to his character. We’re just glad he relates to a man who examines his pubes and cock root in the mirror in Possessor.

- Abbott briefly slipped us his penis in his (very) nude role in Catch-22, but waited until the following year’s Possessor to give us this clear look at what he’s packing.

- Director Brandon Cronenberg is the son of famous body horror director David Cronenberg. No horror with this body!

#83: Various in Hall Pass

MrMan's Take

- This is Thaddeus Rahming’s only acting role to date. We love a guy who gets in there, leaves his mark, and gets out.

- His huge, curved penis comes within inches of Owen Wilson’s face in this hilarious yet hot scene.

- Hall Pass is about two married men, played by Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis, given free passes by their wives to do whatever they want. We’re glad Owen chose this.

MrMan's Take

- The same year that Jack wrapped up his hit series Skins, this painfully perfect jock debuted his amazing penis in Starred Up.

- He plays a teen who is transferred from juvie to an adult prison, where his equally violent father resides. The movie is not lacking for testosterone.

- O’Connell’s performance garnered rave reviews. He received Best Actor nominations at the British Independent Film Awards and the Scottish BAFTA Awards.

MrMan's Take

- Matt Bomer is one of two Magic Mike alumni on our list. Matthew McConaughey’s peeing scene in The Beach Bum is at #79.

- Director Joe Mantello stated about the film’s sexual scenes: “The intimacy that is in the film feels like an important component to the story — that they’re not neutered. What that type of eroticism means to men is a part of this narrative.”

- The Boys in the Band was cast exclusively with openly-gay actors. Bomer came out publicly in 2012.

MrMan's Take

- The water in this scene was so cold that Gerard Butler became hypothermic during filming. Doesn’t look cold to us...

- This was Gerard Butler’s first ever movie role.

- Despite starring in the famously gratuitous and homoerotic movie 300, Mrs. Brown is the only role in which Butler shows his hot long penis.

MrMan's Take

- Wesley Snipes was 24-years-old when he played a high school football player.

- Snipes and an entire locker room of young bucks flash their penises to their coach, played by Goldie Hawn. The technical term for going nude with ones shirt on is called “Winnie-the-Poohing” it.

- This is Snipes’ only frontal nude scene to date and one of only a few nude roles.

MrMan's Take

- Efron is consistently one of the top trending celebs at Mr. Man - often being the #1 most searched celeb out of all the actors in our database.

- In Dirty Grandpa he covers his crotch with a hornet stuffed animal thong (been there!) until a kid at the beach hilariously snatches it off.

- Director Dan Mazer claims a stunt penis was superimposed over a nude thong to create this scene, but we have our doubts. Real or not, the scene has made a permanent deposit in the spank banks of Efron fans across the globe.

MrMan's Take

- On our list of A-list “growers vs showers” Omar Epps has the sixth biggest penis in Hollywood.

- He casually lets his long, thick thigh-slapper hang out while sauntering around the prison shower.

- This is one of the most underrated celebrity nude scenes at Mr. Man.

MrMan's Take

- Although it was released in 2002, Buying the Cow was filmed in 2000, which means Reynolds is only 24-years-old in this nude scene.

- While Reynolds attempts to stay strategically nude throughout this shot by using his hands to cover his junk, he does a lousy job. We can clearly see his penis and his balls in multiple frames.

- Reynolds even joins the celeb butthole club when he accidentally flashes his sweet spot during this chaotic chase scene.

MrMan's Take

- This Star Wars hottie waited until he was 42-years-old to show his penis on camera.

- Isaac and his screen partner Jessica Chastain met while attending Juillard (Isaac graduated in 2005, Chastain in 2003) and have been friends ever since.

- When Isaac first saw the scene, he didn’t realize that his penis was actually visible: “I saw it on a laptop quite dark and I didn't notice what was happening down there. It was a surprise when I started seeing all these things like, 'It's full frontal.’”

MrMan's Take

- Cuba was eager to do a nude scene, and even pulled down his pants during his audition. We love to hear it!

- This show-stealing performance earned Cuba the 1997 Oscar for Best Actor in a Supporting Role.

- This famous locker room exchange between Cuba and Tom Cruise took two full days to shoot.

MrMan's Take

- This little-known 2005 title from Leonardo DiCaprio was only released on VHS after the box office success of his movies Titanic and Romeo + Juliette.

- Total Eclipse is based on the true gay romance between 19th century poets Paul Verlaine and Arthur Rimbaud. Rimbaud (played by Leo) was a teenager when he fell in love with the older Paul.

- DiCaprio himself was only 21-years-old when he showed his penis and balls while tossing clothes off a roof. Who needs those clothes anyway!

MrMan's Take

- Most people don’t know that they can see Tom Cruise’s actual penis in his role as a high school football player in All the Right Moves.

- Cruise appeared fully nude in order to make his costar Lea Thompson more comfortable. She initially turned down the role due to the nudity, and stated of Cruise’s willingness to bare: “That's pretty badass! I've always been grateful to him for standing up to the producers."

- Cruise was only 21-years-old in this frontal scene, and hasn’t shown his penis since.

MrMan's Take

- When Jude Law was 25-years-old he took on the role of Oscar Wilde’s (Stephen Fry) gay lover in this British biopic.

- In Law’s hottest scene to date, he has playful gay sex with Benedict Sandiford as Fry watches. Benedict exposes his large penis and balls while Law slips us his surprisingly large untrimmed bush.

- Fry, an openly gay actor, was nervous about filming gay scenes with his straight costars.

MrMan's Take

- This James Bond villain stays strategically nude throughout his frontal scene, but slips us his uncut penis in a number of quick shots.

- The racy movie is about a married couple who stumbles into porn. Mads plays a crew member enlisted to fill in for a male star.

- The closest we get to seeing Mads’ penis in another project is during a skinny dipping scene in 2000’s Flickering Lights, where Mads is also at the beach.

MrMan's Take

- Michiel Huisman stands at 6’ 3” tall and has a model-hot face, effortlessly shredded body, big ass, and even bigger cock and balls. We like Mike.

- Huisman met his wife Tara Elders on the set of this film. Wonder what convinced her.

- Despite his nudity as Daario Naharis on the notoriously gratuitous Game of Thrones, Phileine Says Sorry remains the best place to see Huisman nude.

MrMan's Take

- Many Marvel fans don’t know that this Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings star performed real sex on camera. Don’t tell Disney!

- A body double was originally set to perform Tony’s sex scenes, but when he backed out, Tony agreed to take on the scenes himself.

- Famed director Ang Lee stated that the sex scenes in Lust, Caution were more complicated to film than the intricate high-flying fight sequences in another one of his movies, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

MrMan's Take

- The teens-gone-wild series Euphoria made headlines with this shocking penis-filled locker room scene.

- Gorgeous jock actor Jacob Elordi confronts a grand total of 21 (yes, we counted!) high school penises.

- While Elordi used a prosthetic penis in Euphoria (even stating that he endured “penis checks” in between takes, ensuring penis continuity) these cocks are all real. If this was your high school experience, congrats.

MrMan's Take

- Dafoe’s only frontal scene to date can be found in this rare 1985 clip.

- He had only been acting on camera for five years when he debuted his long, thick penis while happily dancing fully nude in this incredible 30 second scene.

- Dafoe’s Antichrist director Lars Von Trier used a prosthetic for Dafoe’s frontal scene, claiming that Dafoe’s penis was too large: “We had to (use a prosthetic), because Will’s own was too big. Everybody got very confused when they saw it.”