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Brawling in the Buff


Check out these stars cold cocking each other!

Sometimes it’s exciting to see some beefcake blowing off some steam on the big screen. When a Hollywood bad boy strips down and throws down, Mr. Man is sure to take notice. Even though we don’t want anyone to get hurt, we still get excited when a strapping young star grapples, rumbles, or wrestles another man in the nude. It’s sweaty and sexy! Mr. Man can’t get enough of built dudes brawling in the buff.

Tom Hardy greases up and gets ready for battle in Bronson. It’s Matt Damon, Brendan Fraser, and Chris O’Donnell butting heads in School Ties. In Eastern Promises, Viggo Mortensen takes on a couple of bad guys and lives to tell about it. Kinya Tsuruyama grapples and flips in The Pillow Book. Willem Dafoe and Vincent Yates get down and dirty in the shower. In Oz, Jon Seda and Derrick Simmons go head to head in a prison battle. Women in Love showcases an erotic, fireside battle between Oliver Reed and Alan Bates. David Thewlis gets into a slapping contest in Total Eclipse. In a hilarious scene, Sacha Baron Cohen and Ken Davitian come to hairy blows in Borat.

If you’re crusin’ for some brusin’, the silver screen and the boob tube are jammed packed with scenes of both violent and playful battles between men. Violence is never sexy, but a dude who fights (in the buff) is all right with me!

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