Guys with Guns

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Pop one off!

These guys are really packing heat, plus they’re brandishing guns. If you’re into gun play, have we got the playlist for you. Get ready to cock the hammer and unload your gun, because this guys with guns playlist will pique more than your interest!

Robert De Niro abs out while testing his gun skills in Taxi Driver. James Franco gives a double pistol blowjob in Spring Breakers. Landon Liboiron takes up arm while losing his clothes on an episode of Hemlock Grove. Fine Frenchman Gérard Depardieu shows some peen while he pulls his pud before jumping in bed with his lady in The Last Woman. Denzel Washington knows how to diffuse a situation—he strips down to his boxers while taking aim at a bad dude in Ricochet. Liev Schreiber shows off his sexy and hairy chest in A Walk on the Moon. Whoa! Filip Peeters is completely nude and setting his sights on an intruder in Freilaufende Männer. At the business end of a gun, James Murray is forced to strip down and take a stream to the face on an episode of Defiance. Kiefer Sutherland heats up prime time with his prime body on an episode of 24. Not to be outdone, Noah Danby shows off his hunky physique while grabbing a rifle on an episode of Defiance. Eduardo Noriega wears a gun and a holster during a same-sex smooch session with Leonardo Sbaraglia in Burnt Money. Richard Buonagurio bulges out in his undies and shows off his slender physique while under the gun in NSFW: Not Safe For Work. Steve Howey makes us look down the barrel of his gun while flaunting his amazing body on an episode of Shameless. Blue Kimble will feed your law enforcement fantasies when he strips out of his cop uniform on an episode of Being Mary Jane. Donal Logue models some skimpy briefs while getting down to business on an episode of Sons of Anarchy. Steve Lemme hits the shooting range wearing only a bullet proof jockstrap in Super Troopers. It’s two for the price of one when Aaron Tveit and Deniz Akdeniz put their manly physiques on display in an episode of Graceland. Shane West bares his buff bod on an episode of Salem.

Mr. Man would love to polish these dudes’ guns!

Mr Man Playlists
Backsacks Backsacks (23 scenes)
Working Out Naked Working Out Naked (23 scenes)
Assless Clothing Assless Clothing (19 scenes)
Prosthetic Pros Prosthetic Pros (16 scenes)
Men in Skirts Men in Skirts (15 scenes)
Chiseled Chests Chiseled Chests (17 scenes)
Fair-Haired Hunks Fair-Haired Hunks (14 scenes)
Fathers and Sons Fathers and Sons (12 scenes)
Blowjob Scenes Blowjob Scenes (26 scenes)
Dudes with Tattoos Dudes with Tattoos (27 scenes)
Black is Nudieful Black is Nudieful (26 scenes)
Hebrew Hotties Hebrew Hotties (26 scenes)
Silver Foxes Silver Foxes (22 scenes)
Openly Gay Actors Openly Gay Actors (36 scenes)
Dad Bods Dad Bods (20 scenes)
Waking Up Nude! Waking Up Nude! (15 scenes)
Narcotic Nudes Narcotic Nudes (20 scenes)
Hot Older Men! Hot Older Men! (16 scenes)
Nude in Public Nude in Public (25 scenes)
Barely Legal Barely Legal (22 scenes)
XXX-Files XXX-Files (19 scenes)
Delicious DILF's Delicious DILF's (20 scenes)
Athletes Exposed Athletes Exposed (22 scenes)
Leather Rebels Leather Rebels (19 scenes)
Horror Movie Hunks Horror Movie Hunks (24 scenes)
Redheaded Hunks Redheaded Hunks (18 scenes)
Hunky Hustlers Hunky Hustlers (15 scenes)
Man in the Mirror Man in the Mirror (23 scenes)
Butt Grabs Butt Grabs (19 scenes)
Hard Cocks! Hard Cocks! (19 scenes)
BDSM BDSM (18 scenes)
Mid-Air Nudity Mid-Air Nudity (19 scenes)
Cumshots Cumshots (22 scenes)
Nude on the Phone Nude on the Phone (14 scenes)
Asian Allure Asian Allure (20 scenes)
Towel Drop Towel Drop (17 scenes)
Speedo Splendor Speedo Splendor (21 scenes)
Bearded Men Bearded Men (20 scenes)
Nudity Close Up! Nudity Close Up! (16 scenes)
Game of Bones Game of Bones (16 scenes)
Sucking on Smokes Sucking on Smokes (11 scenes)
Stairway To Heaven Stairway To Heaven (21 scenes)
Wet Willies Wet Willies (22 scenes)
Monstrous Mancandy Monstrous Mancandy (19 scenes)
Manly Moustaches Manly Moustaches (23 scenes)
Foot Fetish Foot Fetish (20 scenes)
More to Love More to Love (16 scenes)
Cockblocking Cockblocking (14 scenes)
Dongs in Thongs Dongs in Thongs (17 scenes)
Scalding Baldies Scalding Baldies (20 scenes)
Six Feet and Above Six Feet and Above (16 scenes)
CFNM CFNM (31 scenes)
CMNM CMNM (19 scenes)
A-List All-Stars A-List All-Stars (21 scenes)