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Hairy Chested Hotties


Talk about a hairy situation! There’s nothing sexier than a thick coating of chest fuzz on a steamy stud, and thankfully some of the most gorgeous men in Hollywood know that manscaping is for the birds. Let’s take a look at the hottest hairy chests on the big and small screens, including some of the biggest names in the biz!

Brenden Gregory has a hole lot of fuzz (no like, his hole is insanely hairy) to match his sexy chest as he gets gay with cutie Jesse Metzger. Ripped and hairy Frankie J. Alvarez gets freaky with the beary hot Daniel Franzese in HBO gay staple Looking. We’d take Pierce Brosnan’s famously fuzzy pecs shaken or stirred, especially when they’ve got a great bush to match! Fellow A-lister Antonio Banderas is all hair and accent as he bones Angelina Jolie. Girl, can’t we have anything? It wouldn’t be a Hollywood's Hottest Hairy Chests Playlist without Tom Selleck’s infamous shag carpet. Watch as he shows off his nice ass in Mr. Baseball. With his adorable face and yummy yams, the truly dreamy Mark Ruffalo is the ultimate fuzz ball lovers dream. Hugh Jackman lives up to his Wolverine fame with mutant mounds of man mesh. Jack this man? Sure! You’ll want to see Lincoln’s log when you catch Andrew’s sexy tight ass in Teachers. Funnyman Paul Rudd pairs his creamy pale skin with some amazing dark body hair. Don’t do it Steve! Carell says goodbye to his glorious fuzz as he gets waxed in The 40 Year Old Virgin. Finally, the incomparable Burt Reynolds shows off the hot hairy chest that launched a thousands wet dreams!

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