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I Love You Bro: Hollywood's Sexiest Siblings


Brother may I! This list of celebrity stud brothers proves that good genes do indeed run in the family. While some of the matching men on our list are obviously related, others we're not so sure of. We'd be happy to extract a DNA sample to make sure!

Our list kicks off with the deliciously hairy Baldwin brothers who have one important thing in common - big beautiful butts. We can only hope that Joseph Fiennes' follows in big bro Ralph's footsteps someday by flashing his fine frankfurter! Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez may have different last names but one look at their beautiful bods will tell you these two are related. We're glad that Stellan's spunk spawned the gorgeous Skarsgård boys, and that both hunks stared as nude vampires in different shows. Next up it's some Affleck ass with sexy siblings Casey and Ben. Dave and James are Franco fine as they show off their sexy shirtless bods and tight asses. What's in a name? No list of celebrity brothers is complete without some Mikkelsen man meat. Brothers Mads and Lars have both gone nude, with Mads showing off his member! It's the city of brotherly lust with nude dudes Pablo and Liev Schreiber in their separate but equally hot television shows. While we don't have any Phoenix penis it's still swell to see Joaquin's ass and River's gorgeous, youthful frame. Liam Hemsworth needs to take a hint from Chris and drop trou pronto. Lastly, everyone nose Owen and Luke Wilson are some of the sexiest bros in the biz!

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