Let's Revisit Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield Making Out at the Golden Globes

Tue, Jan 10, 2017 at 5:00pm by Annie Position

andrew and ryan kis

Coincidence? We (OK, I) think not. 

Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield have a few things in common. They both have played major superheroes (Deadpool and Spiderman, respectively), they're both hilarious, and perhaps most notably today, they're both straight. The men clearly aren't afraid to show a little fluidity though, most notably shown by the fact that they MADE OUT AT THE GOLDEN GLOBES.

It all went down when Ryan Gosling won the award Ryan Reynolds was up for, and Reynolds and Garfield decided to show each other mutual support for their losses by locking lips. This, I like. But let's talk - was this an orchestrated plan? How did the two conspire to kiss on camera so quickly? Was it just that natural? Does it mean that Ryan might be bi? DOES IT MEAN THAT DEADPOOL AND SPIDERMAN WILL DATE IN FILM? 

These are the things that keep me up at night, folks. Regardless, this was a dream come true and also a major step in the right direction for sexual fluidity and not taking that whole masculinity thing quite so seriously. And Blake Lively, human angel and Ryan's real-life wife, loved it, too. 

Blake and Ryan

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