Let's Talk About Skip Marley

Fri, Feb 10, 2017 at 2:00pm by Annie Position

Skip MarleyImage via Vogue

I probably don't need to tell you about the legacy of the Marley family - the countless musicians, businesswomen, prodigies, and activists embodying Bob's message with the kind of humility you don't often see in a super famous family. But the Marleys are like that, and Skip (son of Cedella, Bob and Rita's first child) is officially on the map. Haven't you heard? He's got a song with Katy Perry that just dropped, and he'll perform alongside her at the Grammys. 

Skip Marley chillin' out

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He also released a single recently, called "Lions." It wasn't his first, though - instead, Skip's debut single was a song called "Cry to Me," which snagged him a 2015 feature in the Jamaica Observer. Here's what he said about the song: 

"Cry to Me is a message for this girl I know, well really a message for everybody who seems to focus on their insecurities. I'm just saying it's cool to be who you are, don't let society deceive you and make you believe you're not enough."



As I was saying, the Marleys rule the world, or they should, because Yes with a capital Y. 

Skip is a young one - he's only 20 - and first performed "One Love" alongside his uncles when he was 15. He also plays the piano, the drums, the guitar, and the bass, so, you know, I'm not feeling superb about my own life's accomplishments right now, but what else is new? 

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Skip moved to Miami when he was relatively young, but makes trips back often. And he spends tons of time with his legendary uncles, of course. In an interview with Teen Vogue, Skip described their relationship to Bob and his music since his death: 

“My grandfather was there because he lives on through our music. We’re his family, so to sing reggae is a spiritual thing. Every time we perform he’s there, living through us. He’s there. He’s in the music. He is the music. That’s how I look at it. We don’t miss him because he’s here. He’s not gone. He’s here. Always.”

Skip Marley

The Grammys are this weekend (Feb. 12, to be exact), so tune in to check out this hottie perform - and get ready to see a whole lot more of him.