Man-O-Chromatic: Nude Scenes in Black & White

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You'll want these boys black, white, and SPREAD all over... your face! Some of the hottest dudity scenes come in the age-old black and white format, and from artsy indie to PARTsy mainstream, we've got your favorite sac & tight scenes on the Man-O-Chromatic Playlist!
First up, the gorgeous guys of Garçons en quête will have you reeling with a long gay sex scene. Dafoe you talking 'bout? Williem Dafoe and Horst Baron team up to deliver a hot nude shower scene. John Brolin keeps things rollin' by baring butt in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. You'll be a Belieber when you see Justin's amazing bulge while sporting some Calvins. Goth guy Evan Peters will turn you into an American Whore Story when he flashes ass. Next, Alex Vardas shows off swinging schlong and sac while dancing. Getting back to GAYsics, cuties Leslie Cheung and Tony Chiu-Wai Leung swap spit in the sac. Johnny Depp might be the star of Dead Man, but it's Gary Farmer's cock and back sac that steal the show! Rounding out the Playlist, Patrick Ridremont goes balls out in the tub, the super sexy David Dencik gives us a peen shot as he adjusts his undies, and finally Russ Russo watches himself thrusting away with cheeks out and proud!

Mr Man Playlists
Openly Gay Actors Openly Gay Actors (36 scenes)
Black is Nudieful Black is Nudieful (26 scenes)
Working Out Naked Working Out Naked (23 scenes)
Asian Allure Asian Allure (20 scenes)
Wet Willies Wet Willies (22 scenes)
Prosthetic Pros Prosthetic Pros (16 scenes)
Men in Skirts Men in Skirts (15 scenes)
Chiseled Chests Chiseled Chests (17 scenes)
Fair-Haired Hunks Fair-Haired Hunks (14 scenes)
Fathers and Sons Fathers and Sons (12 scenes)
Manly Moustaches Manly Moustaches (23 scenes)
XXX-Files XXX-Files (19 scenes)
Dongs in Thongs Dongs in Thongs (17 scenes)
Horror Movie Hunks Horror Movie Hunks (24 scenes)
Hunky Hustlers Hunky Hustlers (15 scenes)
Dudes with Tattoos Dudes with Tattoos (27 scenes)
Cockblocking Cockblocking (14 scenes)
Athletes Exposed Athletes Exposed (22 scenes)
Speedo Splendor Speedo Splendor (21 scenes)
Towel Drop Towel Drop (17 scenes)
Hebrew Hotties Hebrew Hotties (26 scenes)
Waking Up Nude! Waking Up Nude! (15 scenes)
Nude on the Phone Nude on the Phone (14 scenes)
Mid-Air Nudity Mid-Air Nudity (19 scenes)
Blowjob Scenes Blowjob Scenes (26 scenes)
Stairway To Heaven Stairway To Heaven (21 scenes)
Foot Fetish Foot Fetish (20 scenes)
BDSM BDSM (18 scenes)
Sucking on Smokes Sucking on Smokes (11 scenes)
Hot Older Men! Hot Older Men! (16 scenes)
Butt Grabs Butt Grabs (19 scenes)
Delicious DILF's Delicious DILF's (20 scenes)
Nudity Close Up! Nudity Close Up! (16 scenes)
Bearded Men Bearded Men (20 scenes)
Nude in Public Nude in Public (25 scenes)
Monstrous Mancandy Monstrous Mancandy (19 scenes)
Scalding Baldies Scalding Baldies (20 scenes)
Leather Rebels Leather Rebels (19 scenes)
Cumshots Cumshots (22 scenes)
Hard Cocks! Hard Cocks! (19 scenes)
More to Love More to Love (16 scenes)
Narcotic Nudes Narcotic Nudes (20 scenes)
CFNM CFNM (31 scenes)
Dad Bods Dad Bods (20 scenes)
Backsacks Backsacks (23 scenes)
Game of Bones Game of Bones (16 scenes)
Assless Clothing Assless Clothing (19 scenes)
Redheaded Hunks Redheaded Hunks (18 scenes)
CMNM CMNM (19 scenes)
Silver Foxes Silver Foxes (22 scenes)
A-List All-Stars A-List All-Stars (21 scenes)
Six Feet and Above Six Feet and Above (16 scenes)