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Manhandling: The Best Nude Massage Scenes


The massage is out! There's nothing sexier than handsy hotties with amazing bodies, and we've got Hollywood's best massage scenes on this Playlist!

First up, dark-haired dreamboat Carlos Salas kisses his way down Harsha First's amazing bod, but not before showing off his dick! Equally chiseled (and equally nude) dudes Ben Baur and Pressly Coker get side-by-side massages. Next up, Marky Mark ditches the Calvins in favor of a rubdown in The Corruptor. Jared Allman is all man as he flashes cock and balls while getting ready to get handsy with the gorgeous Rodiney Santiago. Filthy Rich star Josh McKenzie is an embarrassment of ridges as he bares a sculpted ass. Did you know that a young Colin Firth showed off his bloody brilliant buns in a steamy bathhouse scene? Because he did! You'll be relieving some tension when an ass out Robert Beltran receives a massage from Ray Sharkey in Scenes from the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills. You've Goddard see Trevor show his perfect butt while a lucky lady rubs her hands all over him. Openly gay stud Neil Patrick Harris shows off a young bod while giving a chick a, you guessed it, massage! Finally, it's a happy ending when the beyond gorgeous Josh Lucas gets handsy with a chick in The Weight of Water!

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