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Oscar Winners Minus Their Suits


Polish your trophy to these Nominudes!

With Oscar night fast approaching, it’s time to look at the hot and hunky Oscar Winners that have gotten nude in their career. These guys are proof that nudity isn’t the death knell of an actor’s career. In fact, we’d like to think it boost their resume. It seems to Mr. Man that a little bit of flesh goes a long way.

Matthew McConaughey shakes his hips, flexes his abs and shows off his butt as a hunky stripper in Magic Mike. Michael Fassbender swings and sways in the dark drama Shame. Christian Bale shows some award-winning ass while taking a shower in American Psycho.

These actors are all trophy dudes to us. No matter who wins or loses, we’re still turned on by these top shelf men. If Mr. Man gave out awards, all these guys would be going home with something to proudly display on their mantle.

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