Prosthetic Pros

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Hey that's not real! Or is it?

Okay, so we’re bummed when Hollywood gives us fake wood. Of course we’d prefer to see the real thing, but with the right camera angle and a little imagination, sometimes a prosthetic pecker looks surprisingly real. Nevertheless, we’ll take what we can get, especially if it’s attached to a hot body in a sexy scene. Take a gander at these prosthetic pros.

Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello get jacked and ready in Magic Mike; Mark Wahlberg flashes his friend in Boogie Nights; Alphonso McAuley does some crazy dancing in Cat Run; Justin Chon gets in a jam in 21 & Over; Amir Talai gets into the spirit of the party in Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay; In the Realm of Sense puts Tatsuya Fuji in a gruesome position; Sacha Baron Cohen and Clifford Bañagale stretch the limits in Brüno; Stephen Mangan sports a stunt schlong in Festival; Eric Bana gets funny in the bar in Chopper; Nick Damici feeds his faker to a chick in In the Cut; Riccardo Marino tries to put his plastic noodle in his lady in Private; Ed Ackerman gets his zombie dink removed in Chillerama; Riccardo Marino whips out the plastic again in Private; Willem Dafoe and Horst Baron experience some pain in Antichrist; and Edouard Collin cleans his deceptive dong in Cockles and Muscles.

Fake or not, these sexy scenes prosthetic penises will give you a real good time…with yourself!

Mr Man Playlists
Leather Rebels Leather Rebels (19 scenes)
CMNM CMNM (19 scenes)
Cockblocking Cockblocking (14 scenes)
BDSM BDSM (18 scenes)
CFNM CFNM (31 scenes)
Bearded Men Bearded Men (20 scenes)
Monstrous Mancandy Monstrous Mancandy (17 scenes)
Blowjob Scenes Blowjob Scenes (24 scenes)
Speedo Splendor Speedo Splendor (16 scenes)
Waking Up Nude! Waking Up Nude! (15 scenes)
A-List All-Stars A-List All-Stars (21 scenes)
Game of Bones Game of Bones (13 scenes)
Chiseled Chests Chiseled Chests (17 scenes)
Manly Moustaches Manly Moustaches (19 scenes)
More to Love More to Love (16 scenes)
Openly Gay Actors Openly Gay Actors (35 scenes)
Nude on the Phone Nude on the Phone (14 scenes)
Pissing Scenes Pissing Scenes (17 scenes)
Wet Willies Wet Willies (22 scenes)
Assless Clothing Assless Clothing (19 scenes)
Foot Fetish Foot Fetish (20 scenes)
Towel Drop Towel Drop (16 scenes)
Redheaded Hunks Redheaded Hunks (18 scenes)
Scalding Baldies Scalding Baldies (11 scenes)
Butt Grabs Butt Grabs (18 scenes)
Nude in Public Nude in Public (25 scenes)
Silver Foxes Silver Foxes (22 scenes)
Cumshots Cumshots (21 scenes)
Asian Allure Asian Allure (20 scenes)
Backsacks Backsacks (23 scenes)
Hard Cocks! Hard Cocks! (19 scenes)
Black is Nudieful Black is Nudieful (12 scenes)
Hot Older Men! Hot Older Men! (16 scenes)
Mid-Air Nudity Mid-Air Nudity (13 scenes)
Dudes with Tattoos Dudes with Tattoos (26 scenes)
Men in Skirts Men in Skirts (15 scenes)
Working Out Naked Working Out Naked (23 scenes)
Nudity Close Up! Nudity Close Up! (15 scenes)
Six Feet and Above Six Feet and Above (16 scenes)
Fair-Haired Hunks Fair-Haired Hunks (14 scenes)
Athletes Exposed Athletes Exposed (17 scenes)
Dongs in Thongs Dongs in Thongs (17 scenes)
Fathers and Sons Fathers and Sons (12 scenes)
Prosthetic Pros Prosthetic Pros (16 scenes)
Sucking on Smokes Sucking on Smokes (11 scenes)