Stairway To Heaven

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Marcel Duchamp’s Cubist masterpiece Nude Descending a Staircase, No. 2, harnessed the groundbreaking photographic technology of the early 20th century to depict a human form moving through space. The painting would be a springboard for the Futurist movement, and we can’t help but wonder if it influenced certain cinematic themes as well. Joining the ranks of devices such as the towel drop and getting out of bed naked, boy-on-a-staircase offers a surprisingly consistent way to see cock, balls, butt, and, due to the angle revolutionized by Duchamp himself, taint. Here are Hollywood’s hottest contributions to the cu-bits movement!

First up, Ralph is oh so Fiennes as he shows descending dink in Red Dragon. Accomplished actor Jeremy Irons gets in on the action with some flopping frontal after getting caught with his mistress. James Deen has all the peen as he heads to the bedroom to fork Lindsay Lohan in The Canyons. Pierce Brosnan puts his backside into it on a fancy staircase. Following suite, Viggo Mortensen also uses the steps as a place to get it in with his chick. Next, you don’t want to miss the sexy Hermann Sabado as he gives amazing full frontal cock. Of course, all while heading down the stairs! Matthew Montgomery and Derek Long are all about the railing as they get gay while showing off some gorgeous hairy bods and thick peens. Johannes Krisch takes the show outside, giving us frontal after a skinny dip. The lean and toned Michael Finger blasts his way out of the hospital by heading up the stairs. Finally, Tim Robbins gets the hose before flashing ass as he, you guessed it, takes the stairs!

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