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  • Nudity Rating: Great Nudity
  • Number of Roles: 8
  • aka(s): <span class="label label-default">Chris Meloni</span>
  • Date of birth: 4/2/1961
  • Place of Birth: Washington, District of Columbia, US
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The brawny and cocky-looking Christopher Meloni has made a name for himself playing tough guys on television, most notably as sociopath killer Chris Keller in the prison drama series Oz. It’s on the gritty television show where you can see where Christopher earned his nickname as “Meloni the Magnificent.” The hunky actor unabashedly shows off every inch of magnificent member. We’d like to be locked up...See Full Bio

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TV Shows
Oz (1997) as Chris Keller
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True Blood (2008) as Roman Zimojic
Underground (2016) as August Pullman
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HAPPY! (2017) as Nick Sax
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Pose (2018) as Mr. Ford
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