Wet Willies

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Water Flashers and Splashers

Be it the bath tub, shower, the beach, waterfall or the public fountain, a guy flashing, splashing, and getting wet puts us in an anxious sweat. Hollywood knows how to capture the excitement and nervousness of a late night skinny dip; they know how the capture the nuances of a romantic interlude accentuated with water; they know that a little beefcake plus some water is a heavenly combo. Grab a towel and check out some wet willies on the silver screen.

Kieran O’Brien and his gal make the bath time a sensual affair in 9 Songs. In Cheeky!, Mauro Lorenz turns the beach nude. Thomas Jane has fun in the sun in Stander. Alec Newman becomes a beautiful underwater specimen in The Principles of Lust. There’s plenty of Christopher Atkins to view in The Blue Lagoon. Wirey Spindell has a ton of fun at a nude beach. Hugh O’Conor makes a splash in Hotel Splendide. In Milk, James Franco shows off his goods in the swimming pool. Across the Universe gives us great underwater looks at Jim Sturgess and Joe Anderson. Joaquin Phoenix makes time on the beach in The Master. It’s Oliver Reed’s plunge in the lake that will grab your attention in Women in Love. Peter Facinelli takes a nude plunge into a public fountain in Honest. Game of Thrones gives us looks at Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Kit Harington getting wet. Alfie Allen isn’t afraid to make a splash in Flashbacks of a Fool.

These hunks soaked in water make us go H2-Oh!

Mr Man Playlists
Scalding Baldies Scalding Baldies (11 scenes)
CMNM CMNM (19 scenes)
Hard Cocks! Hard Cocks! (19 scenes)
Nude in Public Nude in Public (25 scenes)
CFNM CFNM (31 scenes)
Bearded Men Bearded Men (20 scenes)
Monstrous Mancandy Monstrous Mancandy (17 scenes)
Blowjob Scenes Blowjob Scenes (24 scenes)
Speedo Splendor Speedo Splendor (16 scenes)
Waking Up Nude! Waking Up Nude! (15 scenes)
A-List All-Stars A-List All-Stars (21 scenes)
Game of Bones Game of Bones (13 scenes)
BDSM BDSM (18 scenes)
Chiseled Chests Chiseled Chests (17 scenes)
Manly Moustaches Manly Moustaches (19 scenes)
More to Love More to Love (16 scenes)
Openly Gay Actors Openly Gay Actors (35 scenes)
Nude on the Phone Nude on the Phone (14 scenes)
Pissing Scenes Pissing Scenes (17 scenes)
Leather Rebels Leather Rebels (19 scenes)
Wet Willies Wet Willies (22 scenes)
Assless Clothing Assless Clothing (19 scenes)
Foot Fetish Foot Fetish (20 scenes)
Towel Drop Towel Drop (16 scenes)
Redheaded Hunks Redheaded Hunks (18 scenes)
Butt Grabs Butt Grabs (18 scenes)
Silver Foxes Silver Foxes (22 scenes)
Cumshots Cumshots (21 scenes)
Asian Allure Asian Allure (20 scenes)
Backsacks Backsacks (23 scenes)
Black is Nudieful Black is Nudieful (12 scenes)
Hot Older Men! Hot Older Men! (16 scenes)
Mid-Air Nudity Mid-Air Nudity (13 scenes)
Dudes with Tattoos Dudes with Tattoos (26 scenes)
Men in Skirts Men in Skirts (15 scenes)
Working Out Naked Working Out Naked (23 scenes)
Cockblocking Cockblocking (14 scenes)
Nudity Close Up! Nudity Close Up! (15 scenes)
Six Feet and Above Six Feet and Above (16 scenes)
Fair-Haired Hunks Fair-Haired Hunks (14 scenes)
Athletes Exposed Athletes Exposed (17 scenes)
Dongs in Thongs Dongs in Thongs (17 scenes)
Fathers and Sons Fathers and Sons (12 scenes)
Prosthetic Pros Prosthetic Pros (16 scenes)
Sucking on Smokes Sucking on Smokes (11 scenes)