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Working Out Naked


Sweaty studs work on their fitness

These beautiful, bare-chested boys get us all warmed up when they work out in the buff during this sweaty, skinfilled playlist. Jason Beghe's bulging butt muscles will have your pulse racing in Monkey Shine as he does calisthenics on the carpet, and Kevin Spacey's ass will inspire you in the aptly named American Beauty. German Alexander won't be the only thing doing pull ups as he works on his bis and tris in Dante's Cove, while Wesley Shipes has us boxing with our bits on Money Train. And don't forget about the sexy, shirtless duo that is Patrick Swayze and Robe Lowe in the locker room during Youngblood or the terrifying (but titillating) American Horror Story scene starring Finn Witrock's whitey tighties. Edward Kerr has his own Sex and the City experience as he bones Kim Cattrall in the shower and pumps his other barbell during a reminiscent workout, too. Last but certainly not least, check out gorgeous guys like Cody Christian, whose manly musculature must be carved out of marble, in Pretty Little Liars and Lou Diamond Phillips doing gravity-defying pushups in out-of-this-world Supernova. Trust us—your hand's about to get a workout of its own.

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