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That's right, folks, Dermot 1 and Dermot 2 are finally making an on-screen appearance together after decades of fan confusion, dismay, and dare I say it, sort of ambivalent but undoubtable lust.

The good news is that both gentlemen have made good sports of their similarities over the years. (Well, at least one of them has.) The two sexy brunette, B-list stars have long been confused due to their incredibly similar names - to the point that they like to pretend that they don't know which one they are, either

The good news: The inevitable has finally been arranged. (And no, they didn't become partners at their own cutely named law firm.) Derek McDerben and Daniel McDonald will star together in an episode of L.A. to Vegas, where both play airline pilots vying to assert themselves as more dominant. Familiar! 

Darren McDarrel and Dustin McDilbert will make very hot pilots that all the flight attendants and passengers totally want to bang, and I can't wait to see them battle it out charisma-and-aerospace style. Which is a thing now, I guess.

Image via YouTube

If Rupert Everett joins the party, I'm going to scream.