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Diego Luna is a Mexican hottie who has starred in a plethora of movies and TV shows, most being filmed and shown in Mexico and other Spanish speaking countries. Good news for the United States, because the talented actor has come to America to make movies. Lucky for us, it seems like when he crossed the border he forgot his pants because he ends up naked. That is a border control policy we can endorse. In Y Tu Mamá También (2001) Diego is in various stages of undress throughout the entire movie. He has a couple of different sex scenes that expose his wonderful cheeks for several minutes, and he even gives us some full frontal action. It is the perfect kind of sausage party. In The Night Buffalo (2007) Diego has a sex scene then gets out of bed and we get a full body frontal view of him completely naked. His flawless body and fantastic enchilada are on display, as he leaves nothing to the imagination. Diego’s dingus made another appearance in a darkly lit scene in the gay-tastic flick Milk (2008). Now that’s a dick that would do your body good!

Top Scenes

Milk (2008) Sexy, gay 01:01:50 Sean and Diego share a passionate kiss.
Milk (2008) Nude, gay, penis 00:51:00 In a darkly lit scene, Diego and Sean roll around in bed. You can catch a quick shot of Diego's dink in the moonlight.
Y tu mamá también (2001) Nude, butt, shirtless, straight 00:00:37 Diego shows his butt during a darkly lit moment of sex.
Y tu mamá también (2001) Nude, shirtless, balls, butt, penis, prosthetic 00:11:54 Diego and Gael scrub up in adjacent shower stalls, then engage in ball-bouncing, dick-dangling, horseplay. Sadly, Diego's peen was prosthetic in this scene.
Y tu mamá también (2001) Nude, balls, penis, shirtless 00:20:59 Hot teens Diego and Gael lie next to one another on diving boards, tugging their hard boners while talking up a storm.
The Night Buffalo (2007) Nude, balls, butt, penis, shirtless 00:48:09 Diego shows his balls, butt and penis during another sex encounter. This is an amazing scene of flesh!
The Night Buffalo (2007) Nude, balls, butt, penis, shirtless, straight 01:14:48 Once again, Diego shows it all during another sex scene. Later, his girl pees on him during sex.
Flatliners (2017) Sexy, shirtless 01:00:06 Diego Luna lies shirtless on the couch with Nina Dobrev on his chest. Nice!


Flatliners (2017) - as Ray

Milk (2008) - as Jack Lira

The Night Buffalo (2007) - as Manuel

Y tu mamá también (2001) - as Tenoch Iturbide

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