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Keywords: No Nudity, Asian, Black Hair

AKA: Dion Basco

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Dahmer (2002) Sexy, shirtless, underwear, bathing suit, bulge, gay 01:14:10 Jeremy carries Dion to bed and begins to explore his body. (1 min 4 secs)
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There are few things that get our pee pee's harder than a hot Filipino hunk willing to occasionally show off his family jewels. We flip for Filipino-American actor Dion Basco. His three brothers, Dante, Darion, and Derek Basco, are also in the business of show. Hopefully, they're a little more permissive with their penises. Dion is a wanderer, like the song, but not a shower. He did strip down to a black pair of tight-fitting briefs that hug his ass like everyone who views the scene in Dahmer (2002) wants to do, but that's close but no skin cigar. That movie, about the American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, may not be the best vehicle for seeing Dion's doodads, but one thing's for certain: if he doesn't go fully nude soon we're going on a killing spree! Dion has not heeded our calls yet, but at least his showbiz career is still going strong. You can find him in movies like Man Up (2015), Dutch Hollow (2015), Clinical (2017), Killing Joan (2018), The Head Thieves (2018), The Fabulous Filipino Brothers (2021), American Sicario (2021), and many more to come! You can also come to his sexy (albeit clothed) roles in TV series like Ushare, American Crime Story, Hawaii Five-O, ZeroZeroZero, Pretty Dudes, and others. Until Dion makes his skin-ful encore, Man Central will continue to remain in the background looking for any evidence of his booty, balls, and bulge. You never know when a fine piece like Basco may bask us in some celluloid bate bait!