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Dontez James is a multi-talented man that shows no signs of stopping any time soon. Thank goodness because he is hotter than hell! This Ohio native has been trying to work as a writer and an actor for a while now. He has a novel called "Untold Nightmares" that can be bought online or on his website, but we are much more interested in his acting work (although we appreciate knowing that he does some stand-in work as well). He started acting in 2015 where he appeared in the feature film Concussion which was his debut role. He didn't even live in Hollywood yet and already appeared in movies like My Friend Dahmer (2017) as Charlie Smith, Affliction (2016) as Extra 7, The Land (2016), and Native Son (2019). He moved to Los Angeles in 2019 and kept his luck securing amazing roles almost as soon as his feet hit the Hollywood pavement. He has starred in False Gods (2020) as David and Use of Force (2017), but his very best work was yet to come. He plays Donnie in the sci-fi comedy series Made for Love (2021) on HBO. He comes out of his house while only wearing his boxers. That's right - it's a shirtless scene! He shows off his firm pecs and six-pack abs as well as the tattoos that adorn his hot body. He is trying to hand the leading lady his phone, but we want to know Dontez James' number. Let's give this hot guy a call for more nudity in the future!