When the weather outside is frightful, you might wish you had a hot hairy man to make it more delightful. Usually, a hairy man with a strapping chest speckled with hair has an ass that matches. Here are hot and hairy butts!

5. David Varela

Spanish actor David Varela brings the fiesta with his seat meat. The dark-haired dude from The Canary Islands went totally nude in the series Unauthorized Living. He is fully authorized to go full frontal any day in our book! He does just that in one episode where he is fully naked from his cock to his ass while he steps into the shower. He turns his back to the camera and that is when we see it: David's derriere is full of hair!

Hot and Hairy Butts

4. Bretton Vail

Let's lower the vail - the Bretton Vail. He is the kind of guy who can do it all - acting, singing, songwriting, producing, writing - and that includes taking off his clothes. In 1992's The Living End, he revealed his rear end in a very enticing way. While wearing a white strappy thong with no floss between his cheeks, he shows us the light hair that dots his dumper. His hair is reddish-blond, but don't be fooled into thinking it's not there. You can clearly see his peach fuzz.

Hot and Hairy Butts

3. Mark Webber

Do you remember Mark Webber? He was a little bit of an It Boy in the early 2000s and he showed his beautiful buns quite a few times. My favorite shots of his hairy hiney come in the 2015 films The Ever After where he lowers his tighty-whiteys and bends over a couch for a man to take in his hairy hole. I'm taking it in! Watching this ass is happily Ever After to me!

Hot and Hairy Butts

2. Sebastian de Souza

Sebastian de Souza is the sexy British gent with swarthy good looks. He first got our attention for acting in the third series of Skins (UK not American, duh), but he has blossomed into a beautiful young man with a hot hairy ass. In the Hulu series The Great, he is auditioned to be Catherine the Great's lover. He drops his trousers for her husband and his court and they marvel at his member. We, meanwhile, get to check out his hairy ass.

Hot and Hairy Butts

1. John Halbach

Here's another name you may not know, but you should really get to know his booty just like his male co-star did in one of his hottest films. In the 2016 film Surprise, John tops Bill Yoelin after Bill gives John a blowjob. The two have gay sex in bed together in a scene that you can watch right here: