I mean, did everyone know this but me? I'd always known that Seth MacFarlane was an impressive guy - what with Family Guy, American Dad, and the Ted movies under his belt. I guess, in my head, I always just sort of pictured him like Peter Griffin, except a version of him that would produce Cosmos

Cue to his latest series The Orville, on which he is actually, you know, visible, and I realized that he looks nothing like Peter, Stewie, OR Ted - he's pretty damn hot. 

So I did some more research - and wait a minute, he's a jazz singer too?!?!

Like, a really good one. 

He's also a really good piano player. Now I'm just mad no one told me more about this guy earlier. 

So, I mean, what happens next? Will he be in a movie where we can see him again soon? Or at least a few more shows? Thank god I haven't seen all of The Orville yet.