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Jesse Charif is a bit of a mystery as his career is just getting started. He has worked as a model and has done some online videos as well as appearing in a few movies. We see plenty of Jesse when he hooks up with another guy for some intense action in the short film SWEAT (2018) where Jesse gets bent over and fingered from behind by another guy. This includes a very up close and personal view of his tight ass, balls and dick as he is stroked, spanked, and fingered during an intense hook up....

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SWEAT (2018) Nude, balls, gay, penis, erect, shirtless 00:14:10 Peter whips out his long, hard cock for Jesse to fondle. The boys get to work stroking each other!
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SWEAT (2018) Nude, gay, sexy, balls, butt, shirtless 00:16:21 Jesse gets a few fingers sensually stuck up his ass.
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SWEAT (2018) Nude, gay, penis, shirtless, erect, sexy 00:22:07 Peter finishes firmly on Jesse's chest.
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SWEAT (2018) Nude, gay, sexy, balls, penis, erect, shirtless, underwear 00:13:15 Peter takes off Jesse's clothes and touches his hard cock. The two then stroke each other.
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SWEAT (2018) Nude, gay, shirtless, erect, penis, butt 00:18:35 Peter penetrates Jesse for a moan-filled sex scene.
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SWEAT (2018) Sexy, gay, sexy 00:11:39 Don't SWEAT - Peter and Jesse share sensual kisses.


SWEAT 2018 - as Marlon

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