My crush of the week might just become a permanent crush because I don't know how a hunk gets hotter than Italian hottie Michele Morrone. He stars in the new film 365 Days on Netflix that feels like Italy's answer to 50 Shades of Grey. The starring bad boy is 50 Shade of A-Okay when he strips and shows his body from multiple angles. I'm already getting hot and bothered thinking about it, so let's not waste another second. Take a look at Michele:


Michele plays a young, handsome Sicilian mob boss who takes over a prominent crime family after his father passes away. He meets a Polish tourist and decides that she's the one for him. So how does he seduce her? By kidnapping her and telling her that she has a year to fall in love with him. Okay, hot. Why doesn't a rich foreign man ever do that to me? Especially one that has an enormous and ornate shower like this one: 


Who wouldn't fall in love with Michele and his mega peach booty? I'm losing my mind over that juicy ass! 


Check out some of his hottest nude scenes here: