Netflix is pushing the French-language shark movie Under Paris hard, but we think it's an easy sell thanks to the star power of Nassim Lyes. He stars as a police officer named Adil, and everyone checking out Under Paris wants to know if they can see Adil (Nassim Lyes) naked. We're here to shout it from the rooftops - "Yes world, yes you can!"

Nassim Lyes' Character Adil In Under Paris

First, what is Under Paris about, and what is Adil's role in the shenanigans? (Spoilers ahead). Under Paris is about a female shark who adapts to human-caused environmental changes, enabling her to create a home for herself in the Seine, where she gives birth to hundreds of other environmentally-adaptive sharks. Adil is part of a team of people trying to save Parisians - especially those competing in a triathlon taking place in the Seine - from certain death. However Paris' mayor wants to keep the presence of these dangerous sharks under wraps. It's Jaws in Paris, and we love it!

Nassim Lyes (Adil) Nude

Adil spends a good part of Under Paris in either his police uniform or in a wet suit. This is good news for endangered Parisians, but bad news for horndogs like us. Thankfully fans don't have to dig too deep to find Nassim Lyes naked and shirtless. He has found opportunities to showcase his chiseled to damn death body in eight different movies and television shows!

The best is the Sacha Baron Cohen-led Netflix series The Spy, released in 2019. In episode four Nassim shows his butt while taking a shower and while chilling in the sauna with Cohen. And what a butt it is!

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