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Towel Drop


Steamy studs lose their towels!

Is there anything sexier than a supremely hot guy coming out of a shower with nothing but a towel wrapped around him, and then dropping it for your pleasure? Depending upon your tastes, you might say the answer is yes, but as far as universally recognized hot actions, it's second to none! Peep a nice long look at a young, uncut Antonio Banderas dropping his towel in PestaƱas postizas before moving on to Adam Levine's 2015 ass-baring towel drop in the video for "This Summer's Gonna Hurt Like a Motherfucker!" On the second season premiere of True Detective, Taylor Kitsch was sporting some wood under his towel, which he eventually drops for some oral, giving us a nice look at his ass! Turn back the clock for a nice look at a jock-strap sporting Rob Lowe in Youngblood, as well as Michael Rooker's hilarious towel dropping butt bare in Kevin Smith's Mallrats! There's plenty of foreign flicks on this list as well, every one sure to tantalize your tastebuds with it's towel dropping delights!

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