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Goodbye Seventies

Goodbye Seventies (2020)

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Goodbye Seventies, hello hardcore gay sex! Goodbye Seventies is a 2020 independent drama that whisks audiences back to the golden age of porn. The movie follows a sexy young chorus boy living in New York City who suffers a tragic accident that renders him unable to perform. (On stage, not in the bedroom ya'll!) He decides to turn lemons into pornography by rounding up all of his besties to cash in on the porn craze sweeping New York City at the time. In fact, thanks to their bold and innovative ideas, the group of young gay men advance the genre and make it their own. However the party doesn't last forever, and changes in the industry, the AIDS crisis, and drugs threaten everything that they worked for. If you're here for hot male nudity, then you, sir, are in the right place. Goodbye Seventies is one of 2020's most dudity filled movies. Point blank periodt! First we have to talk about Justin Ivan Brown, and just as importantly, his body double. Justin Ivan Brown shows off his sexy nude body, but uses a body double for his frontal shots. And what a body double it is! We get to see a big perfect penis and two totally mouthwatering balls! The adorable Andrew Cawley shows off his bubble butt and his balls (and almost his butthole!) while positioned in bed. Throw in beautiful butt shots from James Kleinmann and Chris Rehmann, and you have truly can't miss cinema. Because baby, you were porn this way!