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TV Guys | Thursday, May 04 2023

TV Guys: Minx Season One

Minx is a 70s porn series tailor made for us. It’s about an adult industry pioneer named Joyce, played by Ophelia Lovibond, who sets out to create the first ever porn magazine geared towards women. Joyce makes an odd pair with her ticket to success - a lovable low-rent publisher named Doug, played by Jake Johnson. Together they enlist a slew of hot naked models to fluff out their adult magazine! The nudity in Minx kicks off in a major way with a full frontal montage in episode one. It’s filled with almost too many big, hairy cocks to count! Taylor Zakhar Perez joins in on the fun by delivering his only nude scene to date in season one of Minx. In one scene, he showers off with a room full of fully naked firefighters! What would a fire house be without a big hose, after all? Nate Crnkovich plays a male model with an incredible jock body and a big sculpted ass. Watch this episode of TV Guys for all of this Minx nudity and more!