Waking Up Nude!

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COCK-a-doodle-do! Naked hunks getting out of bed

The most common and popular type of movie scene that garners the most male flesh occurs in the bedroom. Well, that’s usually where all the action happens. We all know and love the scenes where a hunky guy wakes up in bed, wearing next to nothing, or nothing at all. So is it surprising that these bedroom scenes are Mr. Man’s favorite? Of course not! There are a limitless number of nude-in-the-bedroom scenes, but we thought we would share some of our favorites that’s we’ve titled “Arouse and Shine”.

Not one to shy away from nudity, Ewan McGregor shows every inch of his naked body during an enthusiastic banging in Trainspotting. Richard Gere feeds our fantasies by getting out of bed and showing it all in American Gigolo. It’s Huge Jackman in all his butt-baring superhero hotness in X-Men: Days of Future Past. What a way to start the day! The party may be over, but it’s just starting for us when Mark Wahlberg teases some looks at his butt in Rock Star. Eric Balfour gives us every inch of his body in Lie With Me. It’s dark, but you can still catch a glimpse of James McAvoy in the buff, including some peen, in Trance. Brendan Fraser shares some of his seat meat as he hops out of bed in With Honors. We get an eyeful of full frontal from David Verdaguer as he jumps up and slips on his boxers in 10,000 km. Once again, it’s Ewan McGregor greeting the day with his butt and penis in Perfect Sense. Get ready for a double dose of dong from Hugo Catalán and Emilio von Sternerfels in I Am Happiness on Earth. Romain Duris is fully nude in Dans Paris. Stipe Erceg butts out in Nichts al Gespenster. Mark Strano’s bulge battles his undies in Housebroken. Okay, it’s just a tease, but Nathan Phillips flashes his rump on an episode of the bridge. Tyler Hoechlin is ripped and ready to take on some ghosts on an episode of Teen Wolf.

These bedroom hunks are bound to make your sheets wet!

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