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Bravo, bravo, for the outstanding Bravo. We're talking about the man, the myth, the legend. He's the one and only Bravo and he will bring you to your feet as you give him an ovation for his incredible one-time film debut. He's a hunk who starred in the sexy and openly gay French classic Un chant d'amour aka A Song of love. It is French writer Jean Genet's only film and he used heavenly hotties to bring his vision to life. Who would have it any other way? Set in a French prison, Bravo plays a prisoner who has been locked up and isolated for a while. What's a man to do with himself in his isolation other than fantasize about touching other guys and masturbate? That's what he does! He rubs his bulge and we get to see him do it. We don't see much else from Bravo in this dark, black and white scene, but watching him rub his big bulge is truly enough. IT's more than enough when you remember that this film was made in 1950 and was effectively banned everywhere for scenes like this. It's part of queer cinema history and it influenced other filmmakers like Andy Warhol and Paul Morrissey. Bravo's bulge is certainly an influence on all of those other queer filmmakers. Bravo for Bravo. We hoped he would give us an encore, but he never got around to it. At least we have this scene to praise and remember him by!


Un Chant D'Amour (1950) - as Older Prisoner

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