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Edwin Tobias is bringing us everything from south of the border and we are so blessed to have also seen what is lurking south of his border. You know what the means, everyone. We are obviously talking about his cock. We will get to that in just a moment. First, get to know this light-skinned Mexican hottie with dark black hair and deep brown eyes that compliment his twinky body and plump lips. He starred in the short flick Let People Exit Before Boarding from writer and director Gustavo Gomero about a couple of teenaged gay boys who want to bang each other. Well, obviously. The pair explore a place to lose their virginities to each other and spend an entire night going from place to place to try and find the perfect spot to have sex for the very first time. They finally find a hotel room to spend the night in with one another and they start passionately kissing and undressing. They both take off their clothes, almost dutifully, to get down to their cocks and balls. That is when we get to check out Edwin's penis for the very first time. Unfortunately, they stop their action and sit down on the bed to chat about their nervous energy. These two are too nervous to actually screw one another, so they just talk to each other in the flesh. At least they don't put their clothes back on! This is a great introduction to Edwin Tobias without his clothes on.