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Not to be mistaken for the former Filipino statesman of the same name or the actor from To Sir With Love II (1996), Fernando Lopez is one hot dude who has had just one hot acting role over the course of his big screen career. But don't worry. When we say hot, we do mean hot! The Inbetweeners was a hugely successful British sitcom about a squad of British bros who aren't cool, but aren't nerds either, that end up in all sorts of hijinks. The show was a big enough hit to warrant a big screen movie, which we got with the bawdy comedy The Inbetweeners Movie (2011). The show was all about the kids in school, while the movie sees them finishing up their high school days and going on a "lads holiday" to celebrate. At one point they end up in a crowded club, where Fernando takes the stage. The hunky dude slips off his mask before disrobing, while the poor, confused fellas think he's some kind of cage fighter. That idea collapses when Fernando takes out a knife and cuts his thong off, baring some buttcheeks we'd love to get in between, balls, and an absurdly large peen while gyrating in the boys' faces. But that's just the warmup. The real show begins when the club DJ announces that Fernando is the “Master of Self-Fellatio”, and he bends over and shows his sexy skill, although we only get to see the boy's reactions to it. It's cool, but if you need a hando Fernando, we'd be happy to help! Regardless of if Fernando is in another movie ever again, he’s going to be in our dreams and fantasies forever! We'll never forget your enormous inbetweener weiner, Fernando Lopez!