We've come to know Gérard Depardieu and Robert De Niro in American cinema with all of their amazing roles, but both of them were star-studdedly naked in the Italian film 1900. 

This sexy, seventies Italian drama directed by Bernardo Bertolucci stars these two young men as Europeans of different classes - peasant and landowner - whose lives mix with one another during the rise of fascism. The important thing about this film is that they both get very naked. 

Robert has a very hunky roll in the hay when he is screwing a woman in a literal pile of hay. 

Our favorite scene has to be when the two are getting jerked off by the same woman. Look how happy they both look in bed with their peens out. 

Double the pleasure, double the fun. We don't need to speak Italian to understand that they are getting a lot of pleasure from this. Caio Bella!