There are so many young actors working in the industry today who got their start very young. Many of those stars were former Disney Channel kids, starring in Disney Channel original movies and TV shows. Now a lot of those stars are fully grown and sexy. Let's see the former Disney stars who have shown skin as full grown men.

Milo Manheim

Milo Manheim is trending all over the place and he is the one who inspired this list. The former Disney star was born and raised in LA, so he was meant to work in Hollywood. He was cast as the leading man in the Disney movie Z-O-M-B-I-E-S. That is how he became a sensation!

As an adult, he has starred in Prom Pact in 2023 and got down to his bathing suit in the tween Paramount+ series School Spirits. He's still flirting with high school roles because he has a boyish face and a charming figure. But don't be fooled! Milo is a 23-year-old stunner.

Former Disney Stars Who are Grown and Sexy

Jake T. Austin

A native New Yorker and an actor since birth, Jake T. Austin has been in the industry since he was eight when he got a small role on Blue's Clues. He starred in the Disney Channel series Wizards of Waverly Place alongside the very famous Selena Gomez. He reprised his role a lot, but he finally got to do adult work when he came of age and ventured into superhero stuff.

We got to check out his toned bod when he starred in the series The Fosters from 2013 to 2015. At one point, he showed his athletic figure.

Former Disney Stars Who are Grown and Sexy

Kyle Massey

The hilarious hottie Kyle Massey began his career as a child star. He appeared on a lot of different movies and TV shows as a child. The Atlanta native broke into the big time when he earned the role of Cory Baxter on That's So Raven. His adult roles have had us saying That's So Kyle because we love seeing him show his full figure on display. He's even gone nude!

Former Disney Stars Who are Grown and Sexy

Shia LaBeouf

Finally, we all know Shia as an adult actor. You might forget that he was the star of the Disney sitcom Even Stevens. The quirky show launched Shia into stardom when he was a teen and it might be why he took ultra-artistic roles (and outside of work watching all of his movies in a movie theater and filming him watching it). Those ultra-artistic roles led to nudity and a lot of it!

Former Disney Stars Who are Grown and Sexy

Former Disney Stars Who are Grown and Sexy

He went nude A LOT as a young lad and has shown us his cock several times. From music videos to short films to features, his cock has been out for all to enjoy. I love watching his manhood and seeing all that Shia LaBeouf brings out his beef. And what a piece of beef!

Watch one of his very sexy nude scenes featuring cock and balls in Nymphomaniac I: