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Half Brother (2018) Nude, balls, penis, shirtless, butt 01:17:00 Diego and Francisco hang out naked in bed. Francisco's legs are kind of open to show a peak of his penis. (10 secs)
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The sexy Brazilian babe Francisco Gomes is here, he's queer, and we want to get very used to it. This brown-skinned beauty with curly black hair serves up sexiness like it's no big deal. It's as if being constantly hot is second nature to him. He began his career in theater and in opera, so you know that he has a beautiful voice to go along with that beautiful everything else of his. He made his debut in what is so far his only on-camera role to do when he played Wilson in the movie Half Brother (2020). He is not his co-star's real brother when he and Diego Avelino make love in a very tender scene. The camera pans up and down on their bodies in the missionary position, showing them suck faces and entangle their limbs in a really sensual scene. They are giving one another a horizontal love fest that proves that they are both hot, passionate, and actually in love in this story. It is equal parts sweet and sexy to watch. Things get even sexier when the boys lay back in bed post-coitus and scroll through their phones individually. They are both still very naked which lets us check out some peen. Finally! Francisco's dick looks great between his legs in its resting position post-sex. Then the two boys get up to help their friend which gives us one last shot of hunky Francisco Gomes and his gonads. Go go go, Gomes! Please go nude again!