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Half Brother

Half Brother (2018)

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The Brazilian drama Meio Irmão (2018), or Half Brother, throws a number of major social issues together into one giant melting pot of a film. Teenager Sandra (Natalia Molina) is frazzled and desperate after her mother goes missing, and with few other options left, she must turn to her estranged half brother Jorge (Diego Avelino) in order to find her mother before it's too late. Jorge has problems of his own, however, many of them stemming from a recent video he recorded with his cellphone of a friend of his named Wilson (Francisco Gomes) being verbally assaulted for admitting he was gay. Jorge knows that the right thing to do is to leak the video and expose his co-workers for the homophobes they are, but Jorge's own father has threatened him that if he leaks the video, he will disown him. Complicating all of this is the fact that Jorge himself is not only closeted but has a major thing for Wilson! Can these three lost souls find not only the lost mother, but also themselves among this increasingly chaotic world and circumstances? All will be revealed in Half Brother... and by all, we mean ALL! That's right folks, an hour and fifteen minutes in, Diego Avelino and Francisco Gomes finally give in to their passions and end up having a tender gay sex scene! Even better, the next scene finds them both hanging out in bed chatting all while their cocks and balls are on full display! We don't know about you, but this Half Brother is giving us a Full Chub!