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Get Hard

Get Hard (2015)

Brief Nudity

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Get Hard (2015) is sort of like Wolf of Wall Street if Leo DiCaprio managed hedge funds and was convicted for fraud way earlier in the movie and Kevin Hart is preparing him for prison. OK, OK, it's actually nothing like Wolf of Wall Street, but you get the idea. James King (played by Will Ferrell) is sentenced to ten years in maximum security prison and has one month to get his life in order. Terrified of what will happen to him in the slammer, he employs the help of Darnell (Kevin Hart), who promises to help him get hard.

And though Will Ferrell doesn't get literally hard on camera, he spends quite a bit of time baring his buns (and leaving cheek prints on the windows)! Hard also brings the man meat when Matt Walsh gives us a close-up of his cock as Will Ferrell faces dives right into its penis perfection. Just to reiterate, Will Ferrell's face makes full-on contact with Matt Walsh's peen. Need we say more?