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New Yorker. Actor. Father. Family Man. Sexpot. All of these words describe the very sexy Harley Swedler. He's a rather unassuming guy who can do it all, but most people would never guess he has one of the hottest nude scenes on Mr. Man! He gets so hot in the indie flick Dedalus as an unnamed character in this short film that dives into the life of a homeless young man who uses dating apps to hook up with guys in exchange for staying at their home for the night. One of those clients, or johns, is the lean and handsome zaddy Harley Swedler. He gets nude when he's about to hook up, showing off his sleek and hairless body. Harley takes off his clothes while his hookup does the same. They aren't even looking at each other at first. We hear a TV playing in the background before Harley gets the clicker and turns it off, but we're not really paying attention to that. Harley is hot without clothes on! This bald babe doesn't have any hair except for a little bit by his shmeckle. He and his lover boy go upstairs and then Harley starts jerking off as he stares at the hot young man. Harley's hog is hot as he slowly gets thicker in his own hand. Check out that meaty cock that looks actually really big, especially when there is a pretty obvious comparison to his hand. We'd love to ride Harley like, well, a Harley.