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Khalid Klein is also known as Khalid Karim, but we prefer to just call him sexy. Khalid has leading man potential with his dark bushy eyebrows, thick jet black hair, olive-toned skin, and deliciously plump lips. He looks like he was born to either be a model or our boyfriend. He could be both, of course! He stands at six-feet-tall and is an Iranian-Canadian with a lot of acting skills. He isn't just a pretty face! This hottie began his career as a carpenter. How hot is that? He and his immigrant father opened a business together as carpenters before Khalid decided to actually follow his true passion: acting! We are glad that he made the switch because it is clearly where he shines. He began acting in a few short films starting in 2011 and from there he kept working hard to make his career truly pop off. He has since starred in the Aaron Sorkin film Molly's Game (2017) as well as in Kin (2018), Heroes Reborn (2015), Falling Water (2018), Private Eyes (2016), American Gods (2017), Killjoys (2015) and even Becoming Burlesque (2017). It's safe to say that he made the right choice by switching careers. You will especially love this cutie when he shows up in the gay film Entropic (2019) where Khalid goes shirtless to show off that firm chest of his. We were enthralled by his five-o-clock shadow and his delicious pecs as he laid back shirtless and let us ogle him. Give us more, Khalid!