International acting legend K.J. Apa recently took to Instagram to share harrowing footage of an injury he received during a stunt. He doesn't clarify exactly what stunt let him to get his head cut open, but let's assume he was trying to get his pants down over his fat ass. He needed to take off his pants but his fat ass wouldn't let him! And sadly Apa lost his struggle and ended up falling over and getting this cut in the back of his head. I mean that story isn't true or anything, but it's also not not true. Ya know?


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On his Instagram Story Apa shared video of the two staples in his head, and on his Insta grid he shared the moment he needed to get his wounds tended to. Luckily he did so shirtless, giving us an awesome look at his shredded to perfection bod. We've gotten plenty of looks at K.J. Apa shirtless on Riverdale, but it's the candid moments away from the magic of Hollywood that let us know that Apa really is as hot as he looks on Riverdale. There ain't no CGI trickery afoot with this one.

I mean just look at his stomach in this picture. It's so flat that it hurts! When I lean over I produce four loaves of bread where my stomach should be. Apa doesn't even look like he has an abdomen. We're just glad that Apa is safe and doing better, and hope that in the future when he has trouble with his fat ass, he calls us for assistance.